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Top 5 Hits: Current WWE Roster

If there's one thing that wrestling fans enjoy doing, it's making countdown style lists. So that's exactly what we are doing here! Today, we will focus on the current WWE roster.

I'll get this train moving with my top five before you list yours in the comments section below (make sure your list is in order).


#5 - Stardust

Picking only five was much tougher than I thought it would be. Bray Wyatt probably should be on my list, but I went with people who I truly seek out each week to find their promos/matches. I'm not exactly sure where they are going with Stardust, but there's so much to enjoy about this gimmick. The weirdness, the dynamic with Goldust, his voice, jumping on the barricade; it's all awesome.

#4 - Naomi

I've been intrigued with her in-ring abilities dating back to her time in NXT. Although WWE stuck her on the Total Divas cast and gave her the role of a dancing Funkadactyl, she still makes my list. Hopefully now that she's gone solo, she can get back to wrestling on a regular basis. Maybe a trip to NXT would help sharpen up her skills.

#3 - Dolph Ziggler

I can't quit Dolph; he's just so damn entertaining. I know he's not going to win the big match, but WWE loves to tease putting him in big spots. It's kind of like rooting for the Chicago Cubs...

#2 - Luke Harper

Harper just gets pro wrestling. His promos are great, the look is on-point for the character he's portraying, and he's so versatile in the ring, especially considering his size. He's all about the details as well; the crazy eyes, yelling "yeeaaahhhhhh!" mid-match, and that weird taunt he does like he's "clearing away the voices." He's the complete package.

#1 - Dean Ambrose

Roman Reigns was just in a mainevent, and Seth Rollins won the Money in the Bank briefcase and is doing well as a heel, but does it feel like Dean Ambrose is benefiting the most since The Shield breakup? He is beyond over with the crowd. Ambrose can hold his own so well in the ring and on the mic with this crazy "never say die" attitude in recent weeks. Thanks to his enjoyable antics, Dean tops my list.

Let's see yours!

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