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Right Angles: How should WWE be using The Demon Kane?

We want you to have your say on the biggest storylines in the industry. This week, the resurgence of Kane as a major player since the start of 2014.

Kane has had quite a 2014. While it's hard to believe in some ways, that character has had remarkable staying power in WWE, likely because the man who plays it is so incredibly popular and easy to work with backstage.

We've seen corporate Kane wearing wrinkle-free Sansabelt slacks. We've seen him as Brie Bella's stalker. We've seen him inserted rather consistently into PPV main events, including this past Sunday's Money in the Bank and the upcoming Battleground show.

So we want your take on how Kane has been used. Has it been too much for you? Has the character become too comical? Do you like seeing him in the "Demon" character or did you like the 'Korporate" variation on the big man? What should he do once he moves out of the main event in the run-up to SummerSlam?

Those are just some of the questions you can answer, but within reason just say anything you want. This is your forum. Kane in has WWE done with the Big Red Machine?

What say you?

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