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Useful Charles Robinson GIFs

On July 2nd 1964, a man was born in North Carolina. Now I’m not sure if this happened but I like to imagine that at that moment, angels came down and told the Robinson family they’d be blessed with a son who’d grow up to be the greatest referee of all time. For their son was destined to become Charles "Lil’ Naitch" Robinson.

Forgive my indulgence there but I just adore how Charles Robinson referees. He is a good referee who counts pins correctly and gets in position at the right moment but what really sets Robinson apart from the rest for me is his ability to sell.

If you’ve ever watched Robinson during a match you’ve probably noticed he reacts to chops like no one else. Each and every time he gets a look of complete shock on his face as his head jolts back allowing his blonde hair to flop back and forth. It is glorious and makes the move seem all the more devastating as a result. He improves matches by his mere presence and in my opinion, should be a future Hall of Famer for his excellent work.

So to celebrate Charles Robinson’s 50th birthday, I thought it only fitting that we look at five useful GIFs featuring my favorite referee.

Why five, I hear you ask? ‘Cause Big E. demands it.

1) Ouch…

When to use it: You’ve seen something which looks like it really really hurt.

2) Helpful Brock

When to use it: You need helping getting up after the night before.

3) Bump

When to use it: "You call that a ref bump? THIS is a ref bump!"

4) Run, Charles, Run

When to use it: You need to go do something immediately.

5) Cartwheel of Victory

When to use it: This one needs no excuse. I mean, come on. It’s Charles Robinson doing a cartwheel. Everything is better with Charles Robinson doing a cartwheel added to it.

And because there are way more than five great Charles Robinson GIFs, feel free to post your own in the comments. Also feel free to post your suggestions for future Useful GIFs posts.

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