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Useful 3MB GIFs

This past Tuesday (July 15) and today (July 19) were the birthdays of Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal, respectively. In my opinion, those two men were part of one of the greatest stables of all time: 3MB.

Maybe it’s my love of goofiness or the fact I’m missing them already but I really do rank 3MB up there with the likes of the Horsemen and the nWo. They just entertained me.

Sadly, 3MB ended when Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal were released by WWE earlier this year and I honestly shed a tear at their loss. I loved that group of rag tag rockers who jobbed better than anyone else on the roster. I loved them so much it that I legitimately smiled when I realised I shared a birthday with one of the members of the band (Jinder Mahal).

So to pay tribute to one of the most entertaining teams in WWE, here are five useful GIFs featuring 3MB, baby!

Why five, I hear you ask? ‘Cause Big E demands it.

1) Awkward

When to use it: You’ve just made a really stupid mistake.

2) Rock Beats Scissors

When to use it: You need to make a big decision.

3) The Fabulous 3Birds

When to use it: Someone doesn’t believe 3MB could have been the new Freebirds.

4) Oh…Hi Roman.

When to use it: When…I’m sorry I can’t. WHY ARE THESE TWO STABLES GONE!? It’s not fair, man…

5) Good Times

When to use it: It’s time to celebrate. 3MB STYLE, BAAABBY!

And because there are way more than five great 3MB GIFs, feel free to post your own in the comments. Also feel free to post your suggestions for future Useful GIFs posts.

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