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Ultimate King of the Ring Tournament Nomination Thread

Inspired by a Fanpost from Tuesday (thanks cityboy1989) and a comment from said Fanpost (thanks Amonra) making a case for a return of the King of the Ring tournament, I figure Cageside Seats should hold an Ulitmate King of the Ring tournament. You know, since WWE isn't keen on bringing it back anytime soon even though (a) it's been four years since the last one and (b) a certain swinging WWE superstar is using a variation of this very logo on a shirt.


As with all tournaments, there must be rules to nominations. First and foremost: every King of the Ring winner starting with Bret Hart in 1993 (the first KOTR on PPV) gets a bye.

  1. Bret Hart (1993)
  2. Owen Hart (1994)
  3. Mabel (1995)
  4. Stone Cold Steve Austin (1996)
  5. Triple H (1997)
  6. Ken Shamrock (1998)
  7. Billy Gunn (1999)
  8. Kurt Angle (2000)
  9. Edge (2001)
  10. Brock Lesnar (2002)
  11. Booker T (2006)
  12. William Regal (2008)
  13. Sheamus (2010)

That leaves (assuming a 64-man tournament, which is likely) 51 open slots. That's where you come in. Which brings us to the second rule of this nomination process: any male who wrestled for WWE from the first King of the Ring in 1993 to now, even if it's only one match, is eligible. Wrestlers currently part of the NXT roster are also eligible, but will only be considered if we do not get the full complement of main roster wrestlers. Also, anyone who is in developmental or will soon be in developmental that has not wrestled a match on WWE television (or WWE Network) is not eligible. Also, no women wrestlers either.

Nominate someone as you normally would for CSS tournaments like so:

Nominate- The Rock

and hope your nomination gets rec'd enough. The field will be filled out first by most recs, and in the event of ties, the order in which they were nominated, so early nominations have the best chance of getting in.

Nominations will close 12:01am Friday, July 4, with the tournament to open Saturday. All matches will be simmed on WWE 2K14 with video and such to follow.

Questions: you know where to find me.

Let's crown the Ultimate King of the Ring.

NOTE: CTRL+F (and the Mac equivalent) is your friend. Check to see if your proposed nomination has been named already before nominating. Recs will not be combined; only the higher total will count.

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