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Ten Sentences: Showin' Off - WWE's apparent Dolph Ziggler problem

Ten sentences on the Dolph Ziggler conundrum within WWE and if any answers exist that might result in a satisfying resolution to a true head-scratcher of a situation.

When you take a look at Dolph Ziggler, it's easy to see almost every quality you want in a long-term main event player in any wrestling promotion.

He's got the look, the energy, the move-set, decent mic ability, and he sells unlike just about anybody Vince McMahon has ever had on the main roster.

When he's given a chance in major roles, as he did at TLC 2012 against John Cena in the main event, he has shined in a major way.

Bob Holly, who key figures within WWE still respect quite a bit, said in effect that Dolph is "the guy."

Watching Ziggler do the job for Alberto Del Rio clean this past Monday night in the Money in the Bank qualifying match was mind-boggling unless you believe WWE was protecting Dolph from himself because of past concussions.

I want you guys to think about Dolph today but here's the main question: What's wrong with Dolph Ziggler?

He's gotten heat for working too fast, for over-the-top salesmanship, and for not following orders and requests from the company to change his style and grow in his understanding of match pacing.

His Twitter feed and his constant whining probably isn't helping matters unless it's scripted but if that's the reality, why is there no payoff or even a mention in any capacity on television?

At a time where WWE clearly has a dearth of good heels and in many ways also a dearth of credible high-end baby faces, treating Dolph like he's Ken Shamrock post-UNION truly bothers me.

If you're Dolph Ziggler, a smart, talented, funny guy who also aspires to be a stand-up comic, how long do you put your body through the rigors of a pro wrestling life when the endgame is so infuriatingly unclear?

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