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Ten Sentences: The Perfect Punch

It's the most important and sometimes overlooked portion of a wrestler's arsenal. You might be surprised just how many of your favorites happen to have something very basic in common. Here's ten sentences to get the discussion going.

When you think about your favorite wrestlers, you no doubt think about your favorite spots, but I'll bet you might overlook one of the first things you see in virtually every match.

I realized the importance of the punch when I saw the rise of Jeff Hardy and could never fully buy into it because the guy had some of the weakest and most ridiculous looking strikes I had ever seen.

It instantly struck me that the vast majority of workers I respected and loved the most were guys that threw the best punches.

A legendary Memphis worker once told me that fans ideally want two 6'4" guys punching and kicking each other in their main events and the performers who could do those two things the best had a major advantage.

For my money, the best punch in the history of the business belongs to Scott Hall.

Scott Hall was my favorite worker for well over a decade despite his issues.

Over the next few minutes, make a list of your top five wrestlers and take note of how many threw great or at least unique and memorable punches.

The rule doesn't always work perfectly because we know Hogan and Cena both sat atop their respective eras and neither ever had anything even approaching a good right hand.

Incidentally, they both have an incredible amount of detractors.

It's almost fitting that the "next big thing" throws a Superman Punch and one of the OTHER guys pegged to be a megastar is widely known for variations on a European uppercut.

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