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Right Angles: Don't Stop BO-lievin'

We want your thoughts on the biggest story lines in the industry, this week, the first three weeks of the Bo Dallas experiment on the main roster

Bo Dallas debuted a few weeks ago on SmackDown in Great Britain and while it's far from unanimous, the overarching belief of the Internet fans has been fairly positive.

The character is unique and Bo knows (no pun intended) his success is almost entirely predicated on playing it constantly and wearing down some of the skeptics who watched last year's Royal Rumble and now see him as a joke.

He's worked with the new iteration of Sin Cara as well as Kofi Kingston and appeared at Payback, so our question for you today Cagesiders is this: how well is Bo Dallas working for you?

Do you like him? Do you like the character? Is there main event potential in the distant future? Who could he work his first REAL program with?

Have at it in the comments and let's dialogue, and if you're feeling a little down or think maybe your comments aren't up to par, well, .just keep on trying, because all you really have to do is ...

(you finish it)

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