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Ten Sentences: Sheamus is Alright With Me

Ten quick sentences on why Sheamus should get more respect than he does from some who follow the pro wrestling business.

Sheamus, because of his look and over the top character, can sometimes be an easy target for smart marks and even a large conglomerate of Indy workers.

Just this week I read a piece making the plea that WWE stop attempting to push him as a main eventer and in many ways that it would be best to just "give up" on him.

Sheamus is a talented in-ring performer who is the rare guy who can literally have a good match with anyone, and for his size, can make any opponent look credible against him while not harming his own persona.

He's great with kids, sells gimmicks, and unless I've overlooked it, you don't see his name in the dirt sheets for stupid extracurricular behavior.

If you take a look at guys of similar size, how many match up to what he can do in the ring respective to helping out the guy on the other side of the squared circle?

He's in the title match on Sunday, holds the United States Championship, but for whatever reason, he's on that second tier when it comes to credibility.

What I mean by "credibility" is he's not a worker who can main event a PPV where the fans believe he can and should win those matches.

However, he also strikes me as a guy who's happy having great wrestling matches and doing his job and he comes across as someone who enjoys what he's doing for a living.

In truth, even though that character annoys me to no end, the wrestling business would be far better off with a locker room full of Sheamuses.

It's no wonder Vince and the company remain high on the guy, because he goes about it the right way, does it with a smile on his face, and works his ass off in the ring.

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