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Useful Vickie Guerrero GIFs

On this week’s episode of Monday Night RAW (June 23, 2014), Vickie Guerrero was written off TV after more than eight years as an on screen character.

Others have already talked about how she was given her on screen goodbye and praised her work in the WWE so I won’t repeat them. However, I will add this: Vickie was such a good heel, I really took it for granted until she left this Monday.

Vickie drew probably as much heat as humanly possible by getting so many small things right like pulling the right expression at the right moment and knowing how to make her voice and laugh two of the most hated things in the wrestling. She was insanely talented for someone who probably didn’t plan on getting into the business.

Vickie put her all into being hated and I finally appreciate that and wish her all the best in whatever she plans on doing now she’s no longer playing one of the most hated characters in the company. As Vickie prepares to go on to pastures new, let’s enjoy five useful GIFs that celebrate her eight great years with the company.

Why five, I hear you ask? ‘Cause Big E. demands it.

1) Take That Swagger!

When to use it: You want revenge after Jack Swagger accidentally injures someone.

2) Give Into the Hate

When to use it: Your anger can no longer be contained.

3) Just Shut Up!

When to use it: Someone keeps harping on the same point over and over again.

4) Don’t Care

When to use it: You aren’t letting the haters get you down.

5) Thank You Vickie

When to use it: You want to give someone the send-off they deserve.

And because there are way more than five great Vickie Guerrero GIFs, feel free to post your own in the comments. Also feel free to post your suggestions for future Useful GIFs posts.

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