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Build a Wrestling Company: Eric Bischoff vs. Vince McMahon

Who doesn't like to fantasy draft a wrestling company? Cageside Seats will build their own, with a twist. Using the 1998 WCW and WWE rosters, today is the thirty-fifth, and final pick!

Welcome back, Cagesiders!

If this is your first read through, here's the deal. We will start with wrestlers; main-event guys first, and work our way down the card. Then we will move onto announcers, authority figures, etc.

I will try my best to pick equally talented wrestlers and you guys will pick only one for Cageside Seats Wrestling. (cSsW).

Each vote will run for about a day, and whoever wins is our guy. Whoever loses will be our competition! I will keep track of both lineups and update it each article. Over the next few weeks, we will see how good or bad a company we can build as a community.

When picking, consider everything, not just promos and in-ring work, but media work, merchandise, potential, age, and name recognition, just to name a few. Remember we are starting from the ground up!

So make your pick in the poll, and explain your choice in the comments!

Pick: Eric Bischoff or Vince McMahon (Head Booker) - Note: When deciding, think of these wrestlers around 1998 (if possible). Try not to use hindsight


Cageside Seats Wrestling (cSsW)

  1. Steve Austin - First Pick
  2. Undertaker - Second Pick
  3. Sting - Third Pick
  4. The Rock - Fourth Pick
  5. Bret Hart - Fifth Pick
  6. Kane - Sixth Pick
  7. Kevin Nash - Seventh Pick
  8. Scott Hall - Eighth Pick
  9. Macho Man - Ninth Pick
  10. Ric Flair - Tenth Pick
  11. Chris Jericho - Eleventh Pick
  12. Raven - Twelfth Pick
  13. Booker T - Thirteenth Pick
  14. Jeff Jarrett - Fourteenth Pick
  15. Mark Henry - Fifteenth Pick
  16. Bradshaw - Sixteenth Pick
  17. Eddie Guerrero - Seventeenth Pick
  18. The Godfather - Eighteenth Pick
  19. Chris Benoit - Nineteenth Pick
  20. Christian - Twentieth Pick
  21. Rey Mysterio - Twenty-First Pick
  22. Dean Malenko - Twenty-Second Pick
  23. Gangrel - Twenty-Third Pick
  24. Al Snow - Twenty-Fourth Pick
  25. New Age Outlaws - Twenty-Fifth Pick
  26. Jim Ross (play-by-play) - Twenty-Sixth Pick
  27. Jerry Lawler (color) - Twenty-Seventh Pick
  28. Gene Oakerlund (backstage) - Twenty-Eighth Pick
  29. Jim Cornette (manager) - Twenty-Ninth Pick
  30. Paul Bearer (manager) - Thirtieth Pick
  31. Charles Robinson (ref) - Thirty-First Pick
  32. Sable - Thirty-Second Pick
  33. Sunny, Debra, Jacqueline, Luna, and Terri - Thirty-Third Pick
  34. Sgt. Slaughter (on-screen authority) - Thirty-Fourth Pick

The Competition

  1. Hulk Hogan
  2. Goldberg
  3. Triple H
  4. DDP
  5. Mankind
  6. The Giant
  7. Ken Shamrock
  8. Owen Hart
  9. Edge
  10. Shane McMahon
  11. X-Pac
  12. Goldust
  13. William Regal
  14. Buff Bagwell
  15. Roddy Piper
  16. Lex Luger
  17. Steve Blackman
  18. Konnan
  19. Val Venis
  20. La Parka
  21. D'Lo Brown
  22. Farooq
  23. Norman Smiley
  24. El Dandy
  25. The Dancing Fools
  26. Tony Schiavone
  27. Mike Tenay
  28. Michael Cole
  29. Jimmy Hart
  30. Miss Elizabeth
  31. Earl Hebner
  32. Kimberly Page
  33. Nitro Girls
  34. JJ Dillion

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