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Ten Sentences: Balancing Act

What's the best formula for you as a wrestling fan relative to match time vs promo time and other elements?

The first thing I came away with after attending Ring of Honor's Best in the World show on Sunday night in Nashville was fatigue as a wrestling fan.

It was a great show and an awesome atmosphere but I was flat out exhausted from the spectacle and the relentless quantity and quality of high spots and finishers that netted near falls.

Last night's RAW broadcast gave us a couple of good matches, one excellent match, and even though there was less fluff, stuff like the "vat of something" angle left me rolling my eyes.

I can't compare a ROH pay per view (PPV) show to a WWE go-home television program, but outside of that comparison I wondered as a fan what's ideal in percentage of wrestling compared to story work and other elements?

Ring of Honor is known for the matches first and second and the angles a distant third, but they're beginning to generate new-found heat with a few minor tweaks that will only serve to enhance their broadcasts.

On a three hour WWE television program, three matches worth mentioning feels very lacking, especially when you have the Money in the Bank contract match slots and could have booked a series of "win and you're in" bouts.

I'm not completely certain a perfect formula exists, but I know what a perfectly booked and paced show feels like, and it's important for both the in-ring and exterior stuff to work in tandem and flow from start to finish.

Maybe the better question to ask you guys today is what you expect in a wrestling show that's worth your time and is that expectation a fairly consistent set of values?

When you watch Impact on Thursdays, I imagine many of you often feel there is far too little wrestling and far too much talking, and arguably Ring of Honor might have the opposite problem.

My answer is annoyingly vague and demands further debate and dialogue, but what I want personally is a wrestling show that, when it's over, felt like a wrestling show.

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