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Ten Sentences: That's the Worst

A lighthearted but serious look at some of the worst stuff we've ever seen on TV and why those kinds of things continue to happen.

Monday night's vomit angle was a flat out atrocity and it nearly derailed RAW completely.

I understand something had to happen because Vickie is leaving the company next week and she agreed to stay on after Wrestlemania simply for a farewell storyline.

That said, it's impossible to comprehend how THIS idea is the one that sends Guerrero off and it's just as difficult to explain how the concept was green lighted.

WWE's ad rates and certainly their recent television negotiations should tell them their product isn't exactly impervious to content and perception discussions.

Over the past six months, we've seen the vomit angle, Billy Gunn's issue with laxatives, grown women pouring milk and cat food on one another, bad photoshop work, and of course little people have been treated like comedic fodder repeatedly,

Without question, pro wrestling can bring out the juvenile in itself, but it feels like such a letdown to witness garbage like this in 2014 when guys are working so hard.

This business, much like the gaming industry, is no longer really for the kids, which makes the overuse of toilet style comedy that much more unnecessary.

Today what I'm hoping for is a discussion of some of the worst stuff you've ever seen on wrestling television, be it Katie Vick or the Kiss Demon or the miscarriage angle or Flair in a mental institution or Mae Young birthing a hand.

When used effectively, correctly, and respectfully, humor can be great in wrestling.

WWE needed to get Roman Reigns into the battle royal and they needed Vickie involved in order to set up the firing next week, but there were plenty of other ways to get that done that didn't resort to Problem Child 3 comedy.

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