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Ten Sentences: Slow Down

Roman Reigns is set to become the new standard bearer for WWE, but lessons of the past should remind everyone not to rush something so important.

Like it or not, within the next two years, Roman Reigns is going to become "that guy" in WWE.

He's got three signature moves that he can hit on anybody of any size without any trouble and that reality immediately stands out as an instant key to his continued rise.

As we hear him talk more, he's showing talent on the mic and he seems to grasp the company's idea of not wasting time with empty scripted words.

Reigns has an awesome look and there's absolutely no reason why he won't be a megastar, a multi-time WWE Champion, and the de-facto popular face of the company.

But because I've yet to see him have a singles match that stood out in any way outside of the spots, I hope the company handles his ascent gradually.

For those that have a problem with Batista, one of the biggest reasons he ended up being the worker he was is because he was put in a major role, put over huge, and pushed to the moon without ever really growing as an in-ring performer.

Reigns has so much going in his favor but he lacks polish in the wrestling side of the "little things" I wrote about earlier today.

What I hope most for him is he is humble enough to realize what he doesn't know and absorb all the lessons his opponents will undoubtedly teach him in matches over the next eight months.

If he can put the intricacies of working a twenty minute story-driven match together with his high spots and his power moves, the guy has a chance to be one of the best we've ever seen.

I urge WWE to use caution, to baby this push, and to allow Reigns to grow into the role at the same pace he rises to the top of the card.

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