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Ten Sentences: The Cena Conundrum

Ten sentences on the most controversial superstar in recent memory in our industry, John Cena.

John Cena might indeed be the most simultaneously cherished and reviled superstar in WWE history.

Even when the smarter fans saw cracks in the work of Hulk Hogan, there was never a moment where an audience would thunderously scream "Let's Go Hogan" and "Hogan Sucks."

Every single time Cena's music hits, it's obvious WWE feels what they're about to provide us is important to them.

The "smart" reaction to Cena's program with Bray Wyatt showed that even the longest-standing traditions can immensely upset people when that guy wins a wrestling match.

As many posts here at the site have shown, what the guy does outside of the ring and outside of the shows isn't just commendable, it's astonishing and worthy of praise.

In big match situations, Cena generally produces special work, even when he's banged up, and he does it while generally getting the opponent over rather than allowing fluke losses.

He works hard and has a passion for what he does that exudes from each match, each promo, and each appearance, whether the fans want to admit it or not.

I certainly tire of the neon, the poor attempts at humor, and the blatant Hogan circa 1987 ripoff stuff, but at some point I also have to remember the guy is really good and has earned his success.

What I want to ask you today is to put a percentage on the fans who boo Cena because they think they're supposed to but who quietly enjoy the vast majority of his work.

WWE and every company all have to have a top guy, and if you look at the guys who have had long stretches of power in the business, how many of them have handled it with more class and dignity than John Cena?

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