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Ten Sentences: Who Failed Here?

It's sad to see just about anybody lose their job, because it's clear that person's life is about to change.

Very few of yesterday's cuts were surprising and some weren't just obvious, they were long overdue.

However, as I read WWE's "future endeavors" update, I immediately wanted to look past the financial savings and try to analyze the reason these releases happened.

Certainly some blame falls on the workers, but the case that sticks out most is Drew McIntyre, who was given too much too quickly but later turned into an excellent performer.

Drew couldn't handle the "chosen one" push, but isn't it time to question those who put absurd pressure on a rookie and then punished him when their "shoot the moon" strategy didn't work?

Reports surfaced this week that Vince McMahon is down on the recent NXT call-ups, specifically Adam Rose and Paige, but those stories mention nothing else.

These stories should terrify fans because McMahon has increasingly become a man defined and driven by week-to-week ratings paranoia and knee-jerk booking.

Adam Rose's character simply hasn't worked, but the company has written Paige horrendously since the night she took the Divas Championship from AJ Lee.

Look back at past roster cuts that surprised you, then try to decipher the root of the problem, and I think you'll find a relatively common conclusion.

WWE needs to look deeper and realize that the true failures, in most cases, are the guys and gals who sit around a table and book talented and passionate individuals into asinine positions where they can't possibly succeed.

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