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Ten Sentences: Blocking Ain't Weak

One of my pet peeves for over a decade in the wrestling business expressed in ten sentences. Why on earth do some fans have an issue with guys blocking the impact of moves and weapons?

When I saw Bray Wyatt put up his hands to block the stairs John Cena threw at him in the Last Man Standing match two weeks ago, it ignited one of my relatively dormant pet peeves.

I remember being in many locker rooms over the years and having guys tell me the Rock was weak because he would always put his arm behind his head and neck when he was taking a belly to back suplex.

That line of thinking used to irritate me to no end because when you really think about it, the basic concept behind it is just unbelievably asinine.

If you were in a fight or a wrestling contest and someone attempted to drop you on your head or neck, would you not attempt with all your might to block it or soften the blow in some way?

Taking a perfect bump is overrated in some cases simply because it defeats the logic that a wrestling match is supposed to appear to be a real athletic competition or an actual fight.

Tons of Indy guys I dealt with would attempt to "turn inside out" taking multiple clotheslines in a match and I would always scold them afterward because of how choreographed and Cirque-like it appeared.

When the Rock placed his arm behind his head to block the impact of the suplex, even if it was truly to protect him, it added a sense of truth to the bout.

I have read in the past from fans or message board posters who hate guys blocking chair shots or putting their hands down and not taking a table to the forehead and they couldn't be more wrong.

It's true overselling for a purpose on a very limited basis can be one of those "little things" that can greatly enhance the drama in a wrestling match.

However, if Bray Wyatt, still cognizant, simply ate those steps without even trying to put his hands up, it just reminds us all we're watching a scripted fight.

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