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Right Angles: King of Swing

We want your thoughts on the biggest storylines in the industry. This week we ask for your opinions on Cesaro since becoming the latest client of Paul Heyman.

It's your chance to sound off on the biggest and most important angles in the wrestling industry. While the obvious choice would be Seth Rollins, it feels too early to ask for any kind of cogent opinion, plus there are plenty of places to have your say on that situation here on the site.

I continue to believe WWE is booking Cesaro intentionally weak in the ring and showcasing him less within his matches in order for Paul to call him a loser and a disappointment. It would all be to set up the Cesaro baby turn and the Lesnar match for Wrestlemania (one Cesaro will win.)

But that's one man's opinion. Remember, we're talking about Cesaro since the night after Wrestlemania and not before. How well has it worked? Has Cesaro's star power waned over the past two months? What do you think of the matches he's been placed in as of late? Those are just a few examples of things you can go into.

So Cesaro as a Heyman guy...GO!

(And you're welcome for the excuse to post a Renee Young photo.)

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