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Ten Sentences: What's Your Playlist?

Wrestling theme music always elicits strong emotional responses, so how do you feel about the current crop in WWE and elsewhere?

Fandango is yet another good example.
Fandango is yet another good example.

We've come a long way since Piledriver.

I felt compelled to get into this topic after listening to Seth Rollins' new theme on Monday and feeling that while it fit the character change, the song itself was nothing special.

We're in a bit of a renaissance when it comes to entrance themes in WWE with the likes of Paige, the Shield, the Wyatts, both Rusev and Lana's individual themes, Fandango, Adam Rose, and the old timeless standards.

When you hear music during an entrance, what is it you're most looking for from that particular song?

Do you pay attention to whether or not the beat, the volume, and the pace fits the worker or is it more a matter of simply liking the song as a standalone product?

Steve Austin's classic Stone Cold theme fit him perfectly just as the Rock's various iterations always felt right for that character.

The one mistake WWE loves to make over and over again are these mash-ups and amalgams of two individuals' themes as part of the dreaded makeshift tag team concept.

Along with ring gear, style, and pyro, music is incredibly important to a worker's initial recognition and by proxy his or her long-term success.

I would posit that an entrance theme might be the most integral piece of a professional wrestler's arsenal outside of in-ring and mic performance and as a result, Jim Johnston should someday be in the Hall of Fame.

I look forward to seeing some of your favorite all-time themes in more of a lighthearted, fun discussion throughout the day.

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