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Build a Wrestling Company: Fourteenth Pick

Who doesn't like to fantasy draft a wrestling company? Cageside Seats will build their own, with a twist. Using the NXT roster, today we pick our on-screen authority figure!

We will start with wrestlers; main-event guys first, and work our way down the card. Then we will move onto announcers, authority figures, etc. To keep things simple, I will stick with NXT's active roster.

I will try my best to pick equally talented wrestlers and you guys will pick only one for Cageside Seats Wrestling. (cSsW).

Each vote will run for about a day, and whoever wins is our guy. Whoever loses will be our competition! I will keep track of both lineups and update it each article. Over the next few weeks, we will see how good or bad a company we can build as a community.

When picking, consider everything, not just promos and in-ring work, but media work, merchandise, potential, age, and name recognition, just to name a few. Remember we are starting from the ground up!

So make your pick in the poll, and explain your choice in the comments!

Pick: Dusty Rhodes or JBL - Note: This is the last pick for this series. I will hold a vote on Wednesday for our next roster, which will be either WCW 1998, WWE 1998, or a combination of both rosters!


Cageside Seats Wrestling (cSsW)

  1. Sami Zayn - 1st Pick
  2. Bo Dallas - 2nd Pick
  3. Tyler Breeze - 3rd Pick
  4. Corey Graves - 4th Pick
  5. Solomon Crowe - 5th Pick
  6. Konnor - 6th Pick
  7. Mojo Rawley - 7th Pick
  8. Emma - 8th Pick
  9. Alexa Bliss and Devin Taylor (Ring Announcer) - 9th Pick
  10. Charlotte - 10th Pick
  11. Nick Dinsmore and Sara Del Rey (Trainers) - 11th Pick
  12. William Regal (Play-by-play announcer) - 12th Pick
  13. Jason Albert (Color announcer) - 13th Pick

The Competition

  1. Alexander Rusev (w/ Lana)
  2. Adrian Neville
  3. Adam Rose
  4. Aiden English
  5. Kalisto
  6. Viktor
  7. CJ Parker
  8. Bayley
  9. Jojo and Eden (Ring Announcer)
  10. Sasha Banks
  11. Ricky Steamboat and Mickie James (Trainers)
  12. Renee Young (Play-by-play announcer)
  13. Alex Riley (Color announcer)

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