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Build a Wrestling Company: Lex Luger vs. Bradshaw

Who doesn't like to fantasy draft a wrestling company? Cageside Seats will build their own, with a twist. Using the 1998 WCW and WWE rosters, today is the sixteenth pick!

Welcome back, Cagesiders!

If this is your first read through, here's the deal. We will start with wrestlers; main-event guys first, and work our way down the card. Then we will move onto announcers, authority figures, etc.

I will try my best to pick equally talented wrestlers and you guys will pick only one for Cageside Seats Wrestling. (cSsW).

Each vote will run for about a day, and whoever wins is our guy. Whoever loses will be our competition! I will keep track of both lineups and update it each article. Over the next few weeks, we will see how good or bad a company we can build as a community.

When picking, consider everything, not just promos and in-ring work, but media work, merchandise, potential, age, and name recognition, just to name a few. Remember we are starting from the ground up!

So make your pick in the poll, and explain your choice in the comments!

Pick: Lex Luger or Bradshaw - Note: When deciding, think of these wrestlers around 1998 (if possible). Try not to use hindsight.


Cageside Seats Wrestling (cSsW)

  1. Steve Austin - First Pick
  2. Undertaker - Second Pick
  3. Sting - Third Pick
  4. The Rock - Fourth Pick
  5. Bret Hart - Fifth Pick
  6. Kane - Sixth Pick
  7. Kevin Nash - Seventh Pick
  8. Scott Hall - Eighth Pick
  9. Macho Man - Ninth Pick
  10. Ric Flair - Tenth Pick
  11. Chris Jericho - Eleventh Pick
  12. Raven - Twelfth Pick
  13. Booker T - Thirteenth Pick
  14. Jeff Jarrett - Fourteenth Pick
  15. Mark Henry - Fifteenth Pick

The Competition

  1. Hulk Hogan
  2. Goldberg
  3. Triple H
  4. DDP
  5. Mankind
  6. The Giant
  7. Ken Shamrock
  8. Owen Hart
  9. Edge
  10. Shane McMahon
  11. X-Pac
  12. Goldust
  13. William Regal
  14. Buff Bagwell
  15. Roddy Piper

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