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Right Angles: Shield vs. Evolution

The debut of a new weekly series here at Cageside...we want your thoughts on the biggest current angles in the industry.

Because here at Cageside we're nothing if not seekers of community debate, allow us yet another chance to offer you a place to sound off about the professional wrestling industry on the unscrubbed bathroom wall that is the forum/message board section of a website.

In this series, we're going to offer up the best current angle (or if we've already hit one, another major storyline) in sports entertainment and simply posit the question:


We begin with the biggest angle in WWE, The Shield (Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns) and their struggle with Evolution (Triple H, Batista, Randy Orton). WWE has served up the story for the better part of six weeks, shifting to the new feud in the usual post-Wrestlemania time frame. The groups worked with one another two weeks ago at Extreme Rules in what was the consensus best match on that card.

On television, WWE has presented the audience a relatively clear case of "even steven" booking, with both sides having their evenings of superiority. Twice on RAW, many midcard heels have aided Evolution, presumably at the behest of Stephanie McMahon, but in both cases, those heels have been used to elevate the Shield's stature and show them as monstrous babyfaces, particularly Roman Reigns. The two groups will face-of again in Chicago at Payback, with a few weeks of storyline still to fill in before the next special event.

Cagesiders...have at it...but first, here's what we want:

We want to know how close to a right angle, a perfect 90 degree configuration, the Shield/Evolution feud has been. Tell us what's been great, what's been lacking, whether it's run it's course or has legs, and what you hope to be the result in the end. Discuss any thoughts you have, who is being elevated the most, be it individual or collective, and who isn't being booked as well as the rest. Also, fantasy book it...but leave the viking helmets and scepters at home.

This is your chance to sound off and have some fun dissecting the hell out of the most important stuff you're seeing each week. So with that out of the way... CAGESIDERS... WHAT SAY YOU?

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