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WWEekly Confidence Index (Week of April 21, 2014)

How confident are you in WWE right now considering recent events? In this biweekly series, we'll check in to see just where you stand, both as a consumer and a fan.

Upon further review, I've decided to split the difference and do this on a bi-weekly basis and after all PPVs/special events/events of great significance (I think that covers all the bases, yes?).

Remember that feeling you were experiencing post-Wrestlemania XXX? That new season euphoria you get during the first few days of the baseball season? That feeling you get when even for a moment, your team's in playoff contention? Then the team plays. And that's when it comes to fruition: they're not as good as you thought they were.

For me, that's where WWE is right now. It's been in a dragging pattern since the night Daniel Bryan posed with Hulk Hogan, and it may take a miracle to get it out of the muck before Backlash: Extreme Rules: One Night Stand: The PPV: The Special Event goes down on Cuatro de Mayo.

Before we get your thoughts on confidence in recent events, let's look back at... some recent events beginning with the most recent events and working backwards.

Ok, now it's on you. Vote and comment below on recent WWE events, and I may use it for the analysis this weekend.

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