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The #InternetWrestlingWriting Round-Up, 4/14 - 4/21 - Evolution, Warrior and WWF What-Ifs

As part of a new column, every Monday we'll be giving you a glimpse of the best #InternetWrestlingWriting from the week that was.

We're here to give you an eclectic mix of #InternetWrestlingWriting from here at our beloved Cageside Seats, long-form pieces from unlikely sources and the most recent work from some of the best people writing about wrestling on the internet.

Remember, we're a community, so if you have a piece you think we missed, leave it in the comments. Try to refrain from shameless self-promotion -- a promise your correspondent will be keeping strictly, no matter how good he thinks that 4,000 word piece on HHH he wrote is -- and if you don't have anything good to say about a piece we posted, try to be nice about it.

Other than that, enjoy what we hope well become a weekly celebration of the best pro graps poetry, prose and (eventually pictures) out there.

Cageside Seats

We start off the inaugural #InternetWrestlingWriting Round-Up with a piece from the General, Geno Mrosko, on the must see Warrior documentary that the WWE produced in the immediate wake of his untimely death.

The NOTORIOUS Eddie Mac gives us a running diary of the day the music WCW died.

Fantasy booking may be bad for your mental health, but looking at the many What-Ifs of professional wrestling is about as much fun as a wrestling fan is legally allowed to have. Don't believe me? Check out this piece by Hollywood J Blaq on what life would be like without the Curtain Call.

While it's best to not play favorites, BIGPALE has game for days and we're going to have some trouble playing on his level soon. Especially if he keeps writing five-star columns like his series on WrestleMania main events. With the WrestleMania XXX main event edition finally up, your correspondent's only question is this: when do we get a retrospective on Backlash rematches of those main events? The Cageside community waits with baited breath.

The first thing that came to mind when reading GrecoRomanGuy's piece on The Art of the Finish(er): this (GrecoRoman) guy gets it.

Hulk Holland smashes (see what we did there?) the notion that Evolution was ever all that great, or that we should be all that excited about them coming back with a look at the return of the Meh-volution.

Like Mr. Holland, Sean Rueter brings the hammer, using it to pry open the ideas behind Vince McMahon's directive to eliminate heels and faces from the WWE.

Everywhere Else on the Internet

If you're worried about the idea of Monday Night Raw being compared to RuPaul's Drag Race, lines like this should make you feel better about it: "[Daniel Bryan's] storyline represents a struggle between what the WWE has been - a place where wrestlers are bred (no, really) and bigger is better - and what the WWE could be, which is a place where talent and technique count for more and pretty packaging counts for less." NPR's Libby Hill knows what's up.

As part of Grantland's Detroit Week, David Shoemaker gave a must-read retrospective of professional wrestling's bloody legacy in the Motor City.

K. Sawyer Paul of International Object on the question that every wrestling fan has to answer. Over and over again.

Kayfabermetrics' Matthew Timmons has a controversial -- but statistically sound -- way to prove Paul Heyman is the greatest manager of all time. It involves Curtis Axel.

Ever wonder how much money the WWE may stand to make if the Network hits it big? Chris Harrington of Indeed Wrestling has a pretty good guess.

And satirical wrestling NEWZ website Kayfabe News has some bad news -- no, not that kind of Bad News -- for that small percentage of people who are fans of astronomy and TNA.

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