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Like a House Afire (ep. 16): The Dean Ambrose feud is proving WWE still has no idea how to book Bray Wyatt, and how The Undertaker can help

Welcome to the semi-regularly scheduled 16th episode of Like a House Afire, a frequent video-cast that runs down some hot topics in the world of pro wrestling with opinion and analysis from yours truly.

It seems like we just covered this same topic a few episodes back, but, darn it if WWE has bullocked it up again. Bray Wyatt's interference in Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose's main event at Hell in a Cell came out of nowhere. And nearly two weeks later, we still haven't been given anything resembling a coherent goal or understandable motivation for the Eater of Worlds.

For a point of comparison, we look back at another supernaturally tinged character from the past, and see how he booked...and hope that someone in Creative figures it out before it's too late for Abigail's brother.

Here's some background on the buzz that drove this episode:

The end of Hell in a Cell

A history of Bray Wyatt promos

Ambrose vs. Wyatt: Reasons to be excited and afraid

Hope you enjoy the show, and please hit us up in the comments with your thoughts, feedback, questions or suggestions.

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