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Royal Rumble Rewind 2010: You think you know him

In this series, we look back on every Royal Rumble event to date. Up next: Royal Rumble 2010, featuring a surprising return from Edge to win it all.

Event: Royal Rumble 2010
Date: January 31, 2010
Location: Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia
Time: 49:24
Winner: Edge
Last Eliminated: John Cena
Iron Man: John Cena
Quickest Out: MVP
Most Eliminations: Shawn Michaels

This was a weird and unsatisfying Rumble match, not because of the winner but because of the way it was booked. I'm a fan of chaos in the Rumble and enjoy when the ring gets filled up and everything turns to insanity. That never really happened here.

In fact, the Iron Man of the match, John Cena, only spent 22 minutes in. That just doesn't feel right.

Hardcore fans expected the return of Edge and likely knew he was going to win once he did return. It was a nice little feel good thing but again, something was just missing from this Rumble. Edge going on to WrestleMania and losing to Chris Jericho, who only won the title the month prior because they were setting up Shawn Michaels vs. Undertaker, put the icing on the cake.

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