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Royal Rumble Rewind 2009: Legacy strikes

In this series, we look back on every Royal Rumble event to date. Up next: Royal Rumble 2009, featuring Randy Orton using Legacy to win it all.

Event: Royal Rumble 2009
Date: January 25, 2009
Location: Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Michigan
Time: 58:37
Winner: Randy Orton
Last Eliminated: Triple H
Iron Man: Triple H
Quickest Out: Santino Marella
Most Eliminations: Triple H/Big Show

As was the case with John Cena the year prior, you knew it was only a matter of time before Randy Orton won a Royal Rumble. This just so happened to be the year, as he used his Legacy underlings Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes to last for 48:27 from the number eight spot to win the match by last eliminating Triple H (one of just three eliminations by Orton in the match), who entered at number seven and was the match's Iron Man at 49:55.

This also marked the second year in a row "The Game" was the last wrestler eliminated.

The Rumble was dominated by a core group of wrestlers, with eight wrestlers lasting at least 32 minutes in the match. That's pretty amazing but not as much as Santino Marella breaking the record for the quickest out in history at 1.9 seconds, beating out Warlord's two second elimination from 1990.


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