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CSS Survivor Series Tournament Second Round Match: The Rejected X-Men vs. The Bionic Harts

The CSS Survivor Series Tournament continues today with a second round match pitting the Rejected X-Men vs. The Bionic Harts.

CSS Survivor Series Tournament Bracket: Updated as of end of Day 10; Sun., Nov. 25, 2012
CSS Survivor Series Tournament Bracket: Updated as of end of Day 10; Sun., Nov. 25, 2012
June M. Williams

Let's continue the Cageside Seats (CSS) Survivor Series Tournament's, shall we?

Next up on the docket is another second round match-up with Kanenite's squad, The Rejected X-Men, taking on J-Rodzilla's gang, the Bionic Harts.

The Rejected X-Men

Scott Steiner
Jerry Lawler
Bruno Sammartino
Shane Douglas
Sunny (WC)


The Bionic Harts

Bret Hart
Owen Hart
British Bulldog
Stu Hart (WC)

You'll vote in this tournament in the same way we've voted in every other tournament. Take a look at the teams you see above and choose who you think the winner should be.

To vote Rejected X-Men simply write: Vote - X-Men
To vote Bionic Harts simply write: Vote - Harts

Good luck!

Here's a promo from Kanenite on why you should vote for the Rejected X-Men:

"Let's start by comparing the elites: Sting and Bret Hart versus Bruno Sammartino and Batista. Sammartino held the WWWF Championship in totality for over a decade. Batista held the WHC and WWE Championship a combined 6 times and is also a 4-time tag team champion. Sting and Batista each won the PWI Wrestler Of The Year Award one time each. Bret Hart won the award twice. But is there any doubt that if the award existed in Bruno's time that he would have won it at least a half dozen times? Bruno is the greatest champion in company history. The duo of Bruno and Batista match up well with Hart and Sting. Even if Bruno's age leans you in favor of Hart and Sting, it should only be by a slim margin.

"Then we have the next tier: Owen and Bulldog versus Steiner and Lawler. Lawler has won over 160 championships in his career. Steiner is one of the greatest tag team champions of all time, has won dozens of championships world wide, and had a lengthy run with the legendary big gold belt. In 2003 the PWI listed the top 500 wrestlers of the PWI Years. Lawler ranked 23rd, Bulldog ranked 53rd, Owen ranked 66th, and Steiner ranked 77th. As far as tag teams go, the Steiner Brothers ranked 2nd while The British Bulldogs ranked 5th. This is very close. In my view Lawler's Hall of Fame wrestling career gives him and Steiner the edge. But once again even if Lawler's dated accomplishments leans you in favor of Owen and Bulldog, it should only be by a slim margin.

"Then we have Shane Douglas versus The Ryback. Shane Douglas has won over two dozen titles in his career, including ten title reigns between the big three: WWF, WCW, and ECW. He made his greatest impact as the top draw in ECW and the company's heavyweight champion for the majority of its existence. Paul Heyman handpicked him to lead the revolution.

"That leaves the one member of The Bionic Harts who sticks out like an oozy infected eye: The Ryback

"Ryback has never held any WWE gold or even won any important matches. How can you vote for a guy whose biggest career victory came against a pseudo-referee in a squash match? Please read that question again. Ryback has no major wins. Seriously, try to name one important match that he has won. In Ryback's combined 7+ years in OVW, FCW, and WWE, the only gold he has to his name is a brief 2-week reign as OVW Champion in 2008. That's it. A feather dropping to the floor makes more impact than Ryback has made so far in his pro-wrestling career.

"Ryback isn't even among the top 500 pro-wrestlers of all-time, and so his inclusion drags The Bionic Harts below my team in overall value. How can anybody vote him to be one of the 24 last men standing in this tournament, while great names like Randy Savage, Chris Jericho, Ric Flair, and Brock Lesnar have already been voted out? This isn't sensationalistic mudslinging; I'm just speaking the truth. Ryback simply doesn't belong, and that's why we all laughed when he was drafted.

"Finally, Sunny is the only female remaining in the tournament. Voting against Sunny might drive away the entire female readership at cSs. The last thing this place needs is to become a facsimile of a male-exclusive elitist golf club. Women have made great contributions to pro-wrestling and it would be wrong to have a final four without a female representative."

Updated Bracket (click to enlarge):


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