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CSS Survivor Series Tournament Second Round Match: The Undefeatables vs Lords of Destruction

The CSS Survivor Series Tournament continues today with a second round match pitting the Undefeatables vs. Lords of Destruction.

CSS Survivor Series Tournament Bracket: Updated as of end of Day 9-Rd 2; Sat., Nov. 24, 2012
CSS Survivor Series Tournament Bracket: Updated as of end of Day 9-Rd 2; Sat., Nov. 24, 2012
June M. Williams

Let's continue the Cageside Seats (CSS) Survivor Series Tournament's, shall we?

Next up on the docket is another second round match-up with hfl2013's squad, The Undefeatables, taking on Dark Talon's gang, Lords of Destruction.


Andre the Giant
Eddie Guerrero
Dean Malenko
Rey Mysterio
Raven (WC)


Lords of Destruction

Rob Van Dam
Paul Bearer (WC)

You'll vote in this tournament in the same way we've voted in every other tournament. Take a look at the teams you see above and choose who you think the winner should be.

To vote Undefeatables simply write: Vote - Undefeatables
To vote Lords of Destruction simply write: Vote - Lords

Good luck!

Here's a promo from hfl2013 on why you should vote for the Undefeatables:

JR: "JR and Jerry The King Lawler here. We've got the Lords of Destruction already in the ring and they're looking ready for a slobberknocker"
King: "They'll have to be because the Undefeatables are about to come out and you know they're undefeated", *BOOM*, "OH MAN JR! HERE THEY COME!"
-The Undefeatables enter the ring to their song as fireworks are going off like its the 4th of July as WWE Divas come out and start mud wrestling behind them
King: "WOW JR, that has to have been the best entrance I have ever seen. Reminds me of the time Stacy Keibler..."
JR: "uhh, hold on King, it looks like Raven has a mic in his hands and he has something to say"

Raven leans against a corner in the ring, flanked by The Undefeatables facing off against the Lords of Destruction.
Raven: "We all need a safe haven. A sanctuary. A place to hide and be protected from destruction. But no more. For today, the Lords of Destruction shall fall. Today, the Lords of Destruction will see their demise. TODAY, the Lords of Destruction go up against an unstoppable force in The Undefeatables. For you see, they think that they own the darkness. That in the darkness, no one can tough them, but they have never gone up against a force like the one I have gathered here today."

"Oh for crying out loud, will someone wake up Van Dam. I mean I enjoy a puff as much as the next guy but this is ridiculous."

-Edge and Christian shake RVD awake. His eyes open, redder than Kane's mask.

"Anyways, we've set aside our petty differences to come together towards a common goal. To be the single most dominant force in pro-wrestling. And to do that, we will go up against The Lords and we will finish them. Your miserable excuses for spears will fall upon deaf ears. Your choke slams and pile drivers will be powerless against our giants. You will see what a real spear is. You will feel what a real piledriver is. You WILL feel what a true frog splash is. Today, you will be terminated...with extreme prejudice"

"So it is written. So it shall pass. Quote the Raven, never more." Raven hands the mic to Andre the Giant.

Andre: "Would anyone like a peanut?" Malenko grabs the mic from Andre hands it to Goldberg as he whispers something to Andre. The Lords of Destruction's faces are mixed with confusion and laughter.

Goldberg looks at the mic, looks at the Lords, looks at the crowd.
JR: "What's he doing?"
Goldberg facing the Lords: "YOU'RE NEXT!"
Chaos ensues
JR: "BAH GAWD KING, BUSINESS HAS PICKED UP! Goldberg has just speared The Undertaker out of the ring, Andre has just delivered a piledriver to Kane. The Brothers of Destruction are down! And there goes Edge and Christian. The match hasn't even started King and Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio have just delivered drop kicks to Edge and Christian knocking them out of the ring. Malenko just delivered a backbreaker to RVD and now has him in a Texas Cloverleaf. And there go Guerrero and Mysterio again! They've just thrown themselves out of the ring right onto Edge and Christian! All hell has broken loose here King!"
King: "I don't think the bell has even rung yet, though it seems like The Lords of Destruction have already had their bells rung."
JR: "The ref is trying to get things settled so we can get this match started. The Lords are definitely hurting though. It doesn't look good for them."

Dark Talon has a promo of his own:

(The lights go out and a bell tolls in the middle of "The Undefeatables" promo. Paul Bearer appears on the screen with the Lords of Destruction behind him.)
Bearer: "Ohhh Yesss. OHH YESSS!! Thanks to your support Cageside Seaters, the Looooords of Destruction have obtained power beyond the imaginations of mortals. It is with this strength that we move forward to face the miscreants in the ring befooooooore you now. Andre the Giant and Goooooldberg...powerful men, but they rely upon intimidation to defeat those with weak souls. They attempt to strike FEAR into the heaaarts of their foes. Well their tactic will fail against the BROOOOTHERS OF DESTRUCTION!! Kane and the Undertaker...they are the very GODS OF FEAR! Fear is as much a part of them as the very FIRE and DARKNESS that surrounds them! And this group..."The Undefeatables..." Such a name is born in the HUBRIS that will be their undoing. For such a mismatched group can only succeed with a great LEADER, and that is something they sorely lack. Yes...this "Raven." Every group he has ever led has turned on him, often violently. And without a seconds hesitation, he will abandon the very sport itself! Ohhhh Yesssss CSSers, this he will do."

(The arena lights slowly turn back on as the Undertaker lifts his arms in the background.)

Bearer: "And here is a taste of what is to come, Ohhh yesss. I have FIVE coffins set up in my funeral parlor for when the LORDS OF DESTRUCTION prove that the "Undefeatables" are anything but!"

(Effigies of each member of the Undefeatables are slowly lowered from the ceiling as Undertaker's music plays in the arena. Kane raises his arms and summons fire, setting the effigies ablaze. The camera zooms in as they burn.)

Undertaker: "REST. IN. PEACE." (All five members of the team perform the throat slash in unison before the video cuts out.)

Updated Bracket (click to enlarge):


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