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CSS Survivor Series Tournament First Round Match: Damn Dragons vs. The Dirtiest Team in the Game

The CSS Survivor Series Tournament continues today with the final first round match pitting the Damn Dragons vs. The Dirtiest Team in the Game.

CSS Survivor Series Tournament Bracket: Updated as of end of Day 7, Th., Nov. 22, 2012
CSS Survivor Series Tournament Bracket: Updated as of end of Day 7, Th., Nov. 22, 2012
June M. Williams

Let's continue the Cageside Seats (CSS) Survivor Series Tournament, shall we?

Next up on the docket is the final first round match-up with bmf1314's squad, The Damn Dragons, taking on ZeroIndulgence's gang, The Dirtiest Team in the Game.

Damn Dragons

Shawn Michaels
Daniel Bryan
Ricky Steamboat
Ron Simmons
Earl Hebner (WC)


The Dirtiest Team in the Game

Ric Flair
Randy Orton
Gorgeous George
Damien Sandow
Cody Rhodes
Bobby "The Brain" Heenan (WC)

You'll vote in this tournament in the same way we've voted in every other tournament. Take a look at the teams you see above and choose who you think the winner should be.

To vote Damn Dragons simply write: Vote - Dragons
To vote The Dirtiest Team in the Game simply write: Vote - Dirty

Good luck!

Here's a promo from ZeroIndulgence on why you should vote for The Dirtiest Team in the Game:

"I'll come out and say it...Shawn Michaels is a game changer. One of the best this business has ever seen. But you want to know a dirty little secret? No one has lost more at Survivor Series than HBK! 10 times has he been on the losing end of his match at this PPV. He's under .500 in traditional Survivor Series matches as well, being a modest 3-4. 2 of those losses came in matches where Randy Orton was the sole survivor. Catch my drift?

"When up against a team led by Shawn Michaels, you have to have a plan. Make way for the rolex wearin', diamond ring wearin', kiss stealin', wooo, wheelin' dealin', limosine ridin', jet flyin', son of a gun!!! Wooooooooo!!!! I can see it now...Ric Flair grabs the ref, pleads for a break, while delivering a devastating low blow back kick to Michaels. Michaels staggers back, and is blinded by Gorgeous George's disinfectant spray (Chanel #10...why be half safe?). Poor Michaels is now unprepared for The Viper, who delivers a devastating RKO, and leaves the carcass for Flair to cover up for the pinfall! When you're up against the Dirtiest Team in the have to expect us to pull out all the stops!

"Think Daniel Bryan will stop us? I present to you the most Intellectually Compatible tag team in history...who's been in Bryan's head for quite a while now. This misguided miscreant with a goat face will be easily dispatched by this pair without Kane around to protect him! Ricky Steamboat is a legend...his three-decade feud with Ric Flair is legendary. And legends are all well and good, until you come up against a Legend Killer! The Dragon will have no idea what country he's in after a boot to the head and an RKO!

"The true wild card here is Gorgeous George. Here is the bio on Gorgeous George: "standing just 5' 9", and weighing 215 pounds, he did not intimidate his opponents or the crowd, but instead took full advantage, when he could, to break the rules. His tactics so infuriated fans that he could often cause riots...including one in which several fans were injured and at least one was stabbed." HE CHEATS SO EFFECTIVELY THAT HE CAUSES RIOTS! Yup, I think he'll fit right in here. No one on Team Damn Dragons has ever faced him, nor would they know what to expect. But there's a reason he's considered one of the best of all time...and its not just his gorgeous hair! Jeffries will, of course, accompany George, protecting the Gorgeous One from lower class peasant filth like the APA. Bobby "The Brain" Heenan will rally this team under Gorgeous George's famous rallying cry "win if you can, lose if you must, but always cheat!" He will also be at ringside, an excellent wild card to have in the mix!

"I'm sure bmf1314 will try to find some way to verbally accost the Dirtiest Team in the Game. Don't listen to the sophomoric bantering of this ignoramus. At the end of the day, to be the man, you have to beat the man...and we have 5 of them. Just listen to them, they'll tell you all about it!


Updated Bracket (click to enlarge):


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