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Survivor Series Tournament: The New New Dangerous Alliance advances to round two

The New New Dangerous Alliance took out The nWo in the first round of the Cageside Seats Survivor Series Tournament.

Steve Wright Jr. at Wikimedia Commons

The General's troops have abandoned him.

The nWo was taken out in the very first round in the Cageside Seats Survivor Series Tournament by the New New Dangerous Alliance, by an unbelievably close margin.

21-20. That was the final tally.

The really amazing part in all this? The fact that the two deciding votes against my beloved nWo were by C.J. Bradford and Hollywood Wallace. Yes, two of my underlings.

Ssft-day4-vtpoll_large Ssft-day4-vttotal_medium

C.J. Bradford will no longer be called as much. He is to be referred to as Benedict Arnold from this point on. And Hollywood Wallace? More like Hollywood Judas.

This hurts. Because of you two turncoats, The General has been bounced in the very first round. I realize now how much this hurts. Condolences to all those who will fall just the same.

At least it won't be because your very own turned against you.

Up next is a super intriguing match-up (with good promos) pitting Team Slothstronaut (Matthew Roth) vs. Team Extreme (ULTMMA).

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