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CSS Survivor Series Tournament First Round Match: Team Slothstronaut vs. Team Extreme

The CSS Survivor Series Tournament continues today with a first round match pitting Team Slothstronaut vs. Team Extreme.

CSS Survivor Series Tournament Bracket: Updated as of end of Day 4, Mon., Nov. 19, 2012
CSS Survivor Series Tournament Bracket: Updated as of end of Day 4, Mon., Nov. 19, 2012
June M. Williams

Let's continue the Cageside Seats (CSS) Survivor Series Tournament, shall we?

Next up on the docket is Matthew Roth's squad, Team Slothstronaut, taking on ULTMMA's gang, Team Extreme.

Team Slothstronaut

Stone Cold Steve Austin
Booker T
Terry Funk
Brian Pillman
Robocop (WC)


Team Extreme

Chris Benoit
Bubba Ray Dudley
Devon Dudley
Tommy Dreamer
AJ Lee (WC)

You'll vote in this tournament in the same way we've voted in every other tournament. Take a look at the teams you see above and choose who you think the winner should be.

To vote Team Slothstronaut simply write: Vote - Sloth
To vote Team Extreme simply write: Vote - Extreme

Good luck!

Here's a promo from The Roth on why you should vote for Team Slothstronaut:

"Last night I was sitting there and said 'Matt Roth, how could this group of jackasses possibly beat your team?' I couldn't answer that question. I'm sitting over here drinking one beer. What? Two beers. What? Three beers. What? A shot of whiskey. What? Another shot of whiskey. What? And before you know it, your boy Matt Roth was drunk.

"Team Extreme is a bunch of sons of bitches not fit to shine my drinking shoes. What? I said Team Extreme can't shine my drinking shoes. What? I said that they are a bunch of no talent jackasses. What? I said Chris Benoit. What? I said Bubba Ray Dudley. What? I said Devon Dudley. What? I said Tommy Dreamer. What? That piece of crap Sandman. What? AJ Lee. What? What? What? What? What?

"ULTMMA is standing over there like a jackass wondering why he didn't draft a better team. He's talking about packing a bingo hall and a small New York Theater. Son, Team Slothstronaut was headlining WrestleMania after WrestleMania while you were trying to cash your pitiful paychecks from Paul Heyman. You're pitiful. You're a waste of space.

"And that's the bottom line...because Matt Roth said so."

And, of course, the Tommy Gun himself, ULTMMA, has some heat of his own:

"1985 Villanova upsets Georgetown, 2007 the New York Giants shock the unbeaten New England Patriots in Super Bowl 42 and perhaps the greatest upset of all The Miracle on Ice in 1980 as Team USA downs The Soviet team at the winter Olympics. I ask you fellow Cagesiders do you believe in miracles? Yes! Yes! Yes!

"Team Extreme has already had the best entrance of the tournament
and our momentum continues in round one. They may have slightly more star power (combustible egos) but the key to any Survivor Series team victory since 1987 has been chemistry. First off Sandman is dumping some leftover Natty Light or PBR on Robocop and in turn causes him to short circuit. Brian Pillman has never played well with others and this loose cannon will go rogue and distract his team, fly off the handle or simply walk out on his squad.

"All is fine and dandy with Terry Funk and Mankind but how many times have these two turned on each other? One errant chair lands on the wrong guy's head and these two are brawling through the crowd. In the end Team Extreme may even call upon some run outs from the back; think The Queen of Extreme Francine landing a low blow to Booker T, New Jack jumping off a scaffold onto Mankind and Funk or Rhino climbing from under the ring to deliver a Gore to Stone Cold

"All hands are on deck for the most prestigious Survivor Series tournament in the game. Chris Benoit hits some multiple German suplexs ending through a table for Booker T, Dudley Death Drop through a table for Mankind, Tommy Dreamer hits a Dreamer Driver on Terry Funk, Pillman gets hit with a Singapore cane by Sandman then pushed through multiple tables off the top turnbuckle by AJ.

"It will take tables, ladders, chairs, dirty play and buckets full of vintage ECW violence for Team Extreme to pull the upset and advance to round two. Join the revolution ......also after Robocop reboots his Disk Operating System (DOS) he goes on to wrongly attack team captain Stone Cold Steve Austin and costs his team the match."

Updated Bracket (click to enlarge):


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