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Cageside Conundrum: Team DX of Survivor Series 2006 vs. The Warriors of Survivor Series 1990

Hollywood and Howell bring you your weekly fantasy matchup, with this week's showdown being in the theme of Survivor Series. Who would win between Team DX or The Warriors? Past or present? Come vote and decide for yourself!

Survivor Series goes down tonight (Nov. 18) in Indianapolis, Indiana. The annual November pay-per-view brings us the Survivor Series elimination match, pitting teams of superstars against each other to determine which team is cohesive enough to pick up a victory.

In the spirit of tradition, we have a fantasy Survivor Series showdown from two of the greatest teams in the show's history.

Who would win: Team DX of Survivor Series 2006 or The Warriors of Survivor Series 1990?

Howell: As usual, let us turn to our resident analyst of the sport for the team introductions. Take 'em to school, Hollywood.

Hollywood: While it's perhaps subjective which two teams are the greatest in Survivor Series history, we can safely say that we've chosen two combinations that truly represent the some of the best of the old and the new.

In one corner is the modern day behemoth from Survivor Series 2006, Team DX, consisting of Shawn Michaels, Triple H, The Hardy Boyz, and CM Punk.

In the other corner, was an absolute dream team that was aptly named "The Warriors" from Survivor Series 1990. This monstrous group consisted of Texas Tornado (also known as Kerry Von Erich), the Legion of Doom (better known as the Road Warriors), and the Ultimate Warrior (lesser known as the Dingo Warrior).

Even a superficial glance reveals both teams to be teeming with talent. What do you make of them, Nolan?

Howell: The teams certainly match up well. There is power on both sides, with Triple H clashing with Warrior. There is speed and technical wrestling abound, as Michaels clashes with Kerry Von Erich, who was practically born into wrestling. We also have tag team prowess, as the Hardys clash with the L.O.D.

Of note is the one man advantage for Team DX. Some of the names on that team were not at their peak, as the Hardys sort of slowed down in the ring at this time, for whatever reason. CM Punk had not established himself as the "best in the world" yet. Additionally, HHH and HBK were on the tail ends of their pro grappling careers, having descended from the peaks of their careers long before.

With some worn-down athletes on one side and and many wrestlers just reaching the top of their technique and conditioning on the other, what do you think some factors will be in this clash?

Hollywood: I think you hit the nail on the head, Nolan.

The most important factor in this matchup is Ultimate Warrior and his status at this time. He was the biggest and most famous wrestler in the world. When people talk about the short period of time when Warrior was legitimately bigger than Hulk Hogan and bordering on crossover star, they're talking about the autumn of 1990. In fact, I'd argue that November 1990 was the absolute apex of Warrior's career. He was cutting great promos (despite his reputation as an incoherent rambler) and was wrestling the best matches of his career, finally delivering on the promise that he'd shown for years. His title defense right after Survivor Series against "Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase was great, plain and simple, and kick-started the long Randy Savage vs. Warrior feud that would wrap up Warrior's glory days. We talk a lot about primes and peaks. If Warrior's prime was 1989-1991, then his peak was November 1990. He was an absolute beast here and would be tough for any man in history to handle.

Howell: Of course, that is assuming that the combined experience of HHH and HBK can take him out. Both men had been at the top of the mountain and still had some gas left in them at the time. Sure, they weren't at their peak of physical wellness, but that wisdom and trial-and-error experience in the ring adds up. Also, add a seasoned Hardy Boyz team and a man who is quite possibly the best in-ring wrestler today and you have formidable opposition.

Tell me, how do you see this going down? Who gets eliminated first and so on? Who is left in the closing minutes on each side?

Hollywood: I think if you're the Warriors, you let the greatest tag team in history lead you off with Hawk and Animal trading a few tags using superior tag tactics against the Hardy Boyz, eliminating a woefully overmatched Matt (who really doesn't belong in this match) and severely weakening Jeff.

Each side makes a hot tag to Texas Tornado and Triple H. Tornado overwhelms Triple H with strikes and nearly eliminates him, but Hunter tags in HBK who exploits a now worn out Tornado physical limitations at this time (he's wrestling on one foot, people!) with agility and savvy to eliminate the former NWA World Heavyweight Champion.

Before he can enter the ring, HBK delivers Sweet Chin Music to Warrior knocking him from the apron and forcing Animal to enter as legal man instead. HBK, ever the iron man, stays in to wear out Animal and then tags in Hunter to overpower and nearly finish him, but The Cerebral Assassin, knowing the fury that will come from Hawk over his eliminated partner, tags in Jeff Hardy to hit the Swanton and eliminate Animal.

True to form, Hawk charges in and avenges his teammate by press slamming Jeff Hardy from the ring and to the floor below. Unable to answer a 10 count, the final Hardy Boy is eliminated.

A winded Triple H returns to the ring and challenges Ultimate Warrior to a test of strength. Hawk obliges him by tagging in the WWF champion. Hunter just has to know how he measures up against the best at their best, but this results in him being outclassed in terms of raw power and losing the test of strength. Warrior uses intelligent tactics and works expertly with Hawk to double team the compromised Game, eventually eliminating him following a monumental gorilla press drop, followed by a big splash.

During this time, HBK has been loosening and removing the turnbuckle in his corner. He surges into the ring to avenge Hunter and attempts to whip Warrior into the corner, but Warrior shakes him off and tags in Hawk, who is immediately met with a Sweet Chin music and eliminated by HBK.

An irate Warrior runs in and whips Shawn into the exposed turnbuckle, injuring his bad back. Warrior delivers the big splash and eliminates him! That leaves a fresh, but frightened CM Punk to handle Warrior alone. He attempts to out wrestle the Warrior straight up, not employing the kind of heel tactics that were Shawn Michael's downfall. He gains an advantage for about 10 minutes but eventually Warrior finds a burst of energy. He delivers several devastating flying body tackles before landing the big splash and eliminating Punk. Warrior is the sole survivor!

Howell: I have to agree. Warrior's power here would be too much for most anyone on the other side of the ring. Kerry Von Erich's ring prowess will be able to wear down both of the Hardy Boyz if necessary, as they are more focused on grapes and gardening that fighting in the ring.

In the end, it boils down to L.O.D and Warrior taking on DX and CM Punk in my opinion. L.O.D. is too much for that version of DX, who didn't really tag together too much.

And, of course, Warrior could break Punk in half.

With that, we turn the vote to you, Cagesiders.

Are you a Warrior, or do you got two words for us?

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