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Cageside Seats Site Improvements Continue: All you ever wanted to know about hubs and sections

Our ongoing site improvements continue here at Cageside Seats and now we're here with a handy guide to all you ever wanted to know about CSS hubs and sections. An uber-list, bullet points, details up the wazoo and hyperlinks galore!, as you well know, has undergone some extreme changes in site design in the past month. One of those changes has provided us with the opportunity to overhaul the internal sections of our site.

In doing so, we have created some really cool areas for you Cagesiders to delve into and explore in our online community. As you all know by now, our new front page has what we have come to know and love as a "customizable cover" with a "reverse chronological river" underneath it.

But did you know that in between those two items is a bar of dropdown menus? Those menus have been works in progress, and now we are ready to unveil a few of them to you. With your feedback, there may still be changes yet to come, but for now we think you'll agree they're pretty sick.

Our latest ongoing development has been in this 'SECTIONS' menu. I have no idea how many readers have ever actually clicked on this feature, or who use it on a somewhat regular or even daily basis, like I tend to do, but if you haven't explored it yet, I recommend you give it a whirl. Here is an image of the dropdown menu for sections:


We now have the site internally organized into various 'Hubs', 'SubHubs', 'Sections' and 'SubSections'. Basically all that means is if you delve deeper than the front page, you will find some content-specific websites tucked within our main website.

These Hub pages each have their own unique customizable cover, layout and river on their front pages and have also been set up with specific filtered content on a variety of topics, which you may enjoy reading more than others. Of course this has all been done in order to improve your browsing experience on CSS.

Hopefully, there is something for everyone in there. You can each discover favorite Hubs or sections which you'll find worthy of bookmarking and frequenting every day, in addition to the front page of course. Here is an image of our CSS Features Hub Page (click to enlarge):


When you click on the Sections dropdown menu on the CSS front page (under the cover), all the new Hubs and Sections will rotate through this dropdown menu, but there will always be an 'All Sections' link for you to click on near the bottom of the dropdown menu. This is the area where you can browse every single hub and section's most recent posts in a summarized river, which will be ordered based on the most recent posts added, this way currently active sections will show up first.

In the event this is just too much for you to process right now, be aware there is also a "breadcrumb trail" of links posted at the top of each article now in rectangular boxes which are black for hubs and shades of grey for sections (as seen at the top of this very post). These links are there so you can easily click on through to each and every Hub or Section which that specific post was included in. Here is an image of what the breadcrumb trail box links look like:


This way, if you are reading this week's Wrestler Wrankings™, for instance, and you want to find the Wrankings for Week 15, now you can just click the "CSS Features: Wrestler Wrankings" link at the top of the page and browse on through every single Wrankings post ever made in the history of CSS, 'til your heart's content.

Just to get you familiarized with this stuff, in case you haven't already stumbled upon it yourselves, here is an uber-detailed list of all our Hubs, SubHubs, Sections and SubSections, and there are links to them for you too! (Cause we all love lists and clicking on links, right? I know I do anyway.)


Latest News (Section) - For new posts of interest or breaking news, this section appears in the black text box under the right side of the front cover and also has its own ‘Latest News' section found in the ‘All Sections' pages. Oftentimes this is where you can find brilliant features from our international correspondent, Mr. Keith Harris, reporting to you from Glasgow, Scotland.

Videos (HUB) - For any post containing videos. Videos placed in this HUB will then appear on the front page and elsewhere on CSS/SBNation video slides. As a Hub, it has its own unique customizable cover, layout and river page.

CSS Indie Corner (HUB) - This area has been designed for anything remotely pertaining to indie wrestling or for posts which are cross-referencing indie wrestling in any way. All posts of the actual "The Indie Corner" Column and "Indie Classics" by our own Thomas Holzerman appear here as well. As a Hub, it has its own unique customizable cover, layout and river page and just like indie, it has its own distinct flair to it.

This Hub is currently updated as new content becomes available, but if any Cagesider is interested in assisting Geno and Tom with development of this Hub (unpaid assistance mind you) we would welcome additional content, so contact us if you have any ideas or want to volunteer.

Right now there are 2 sections ‘inside' the "CSS Indie Corner" HUB, as shown below:

TNA Impact Wrestling (HUB) - This section is for anything regarding TNA/IMPACT, of course. As a Hub, it has its own unique customizable cover, layout and river page and now also includes a former section within it, which we make sure to post right here each and every Thursday by 11am CDT... none other than... wait for it... C.J.'s... "Impact Wrestling Precaps"! (What? They're actually pretty good. Check 'em out some time.)

This Hub has one section in it right now:

MMA (Section) - For posts regarding anything to do with MMA or posts which are cross-referencing MMA with Pro Wrestling.

Cageside Seats: Features (HUB) - For all of our original, regularly recurring, specialty columns authored by the CSS staff & any guest columnists. As a Hub, it has its own unique customizable cover, layout and river page; showcasing various featured CSS sections.

Currently there are 13 sections and 2 sub-sections ‘inside' the CSS Features HUB, as shown below:

  • CSS Features: Cageside Catch Up - Week in Wrestling (Section) - Nolan's weekend feature.
  • CSS Features: Fantasy Football (Section) - This is supposed to be Geno's area to bullshit about football with the Cagesiders periodically and let off some steam with one another while competing for the honor of having the winningest season. But he has been so busy doing said winning, that this area needs a little love. Our apologies.
  • CSS Features: Fave Five (Section) - Currently an archived section, but watch for new content appearing on occasion in the near future.
  • CSS Features: Guest Columnist - John S. Nash (Section) - Mr. Nash has graciously allowed us to create this section to compile his works for you. We are uploading his new 'Wrestling With the Past' content, written with the Cagesiders in mind, as well as ALL of his archived articles from around the web, including his successful 'Martial Chronicles' columns. Updates to this section are currently being made every morning until we have published everything in his arsenal.
  • CSS Features: Holland's Midweek Meltdown (Section) - Hollywood Hulk Holland's feature which gets updated by 7pm CDT every Thursday.
  • CSS Features: Cageside Live! Podcast (Section) - The General, Geno, & his new co-host Matt Roth will be coming to you LIVE each week in this section Wednesdays at 7pm CDT.
  • CSS Features: PPV Pick 'Em Game (Section) - The General organizes this exciting game while I compile the stats. This is our great interactive game where you, the Cagesiders, are competing alongside our staff members to try to win the Big Gold Belt at the end of the season. It isn't too late to start competing either, just don't miss 3 events in a row once you start, and you could still have a shot at this thing, as people are rapidly falling out of contention at the end of each event and thereby narrowing the field!
  • CSS Features: REC Awards (Section) - Cena John Bradford assembles these awards for you, the Cagesiders, to Recognize Excellence in Contributing on CSS each and every Sunday by 11am CDT right here in this section. I am pleased to assist C. J. each week with the "Boobs" Logo pics and some of the formatting and I fully endorse and highly suggest you check this section out. You too can work hard to win your own CSS REC Award!
  • CSS Features: Slapstick Saturday (Section) - Cageside's resident smart ass, Jesse Holland, attempts to crack you up each Saturday by 11am CDT in this section.
  • CSS Features: That Was Awesome (Section) - This section is currently full of archived posts, but watch for new content appearing here on occasion on down the line. (Clap! Clap! Clap-Clap-Clap!)
  • CSS Features: This Date in History (Section) - Jesse & The General compile and update this section on the various past happenings from our pro wrestling history for you daily around 6am CDT.
  • CSS Features: Wrestler Wrankings™ (Section) - This is where you will find Cageside's own Hollywood "the Kayfabe King" Wallace's compilations of "your weekly breakdown and scoring for the world's purest form of sport during the 2012-2013 Pro Wrestling Season", as well as an occasional Wrankings History post thrown in the mix. We update the Wrankings section for you every weekend.
  • CSS Features: Pro Wrestling Championships (SubHub) - As a SubHub, this area has its own unique customizable cover, layout and river page; showcasing all the past, present and future tourneys for you. Its cover now features guides and links to the former Wrestler Tourney (the CSSGWT), as well as info on the current Matches Tourney (the CSSGMT). The General, along with his handy tallying and graphics sidekick, moi, update this Cageside exclusive tournament section daily around 6am CDT. This Hub has two subsections within it:

WWE (HUB) - That's right, this is the place to go for anything specifically regarding WWE +/or WWF or any post remotely pertaining to this genre of topics, while not having to be bothered by any indie or TNA crap content, especially newsworthy or historical items. As a Hub it has its own unique customizable cover, layout and river page.

Currently, there are a total of 4 sections and 2 SubHubs with 2 SubSections within them... don't be confused, it totally makes sense if you think about it. Anyway, they are all found neatly tucked ‘inside' the "WWE HUB", as shown below:

  • WWE Main Event (Section) - For anything regarding the Main Event show. This includes Nolan's recap posts each week, typically updated for you within 23 hours of airtime of each week's episode.
  • WWE NXT (Section) - For anything regarding NXT. This now includes Nolan's recap posts each week, typically updated for you within 23 hours of airtime of each week's episode.
  • WWE RAW (SubHub) - Contains anything regarding Monday Night Raw. As a SubHub it has its own unique customizable cover, layout and river page. Also now includes the former section for C.J. Bradford's "Raw Precaps" which are updated here every Monday morning by 11am CDT.
    • WWE RAW: Live Blogs (SubSection) - Nolan and Geno update this section for you every Monday before and during the show at 6am & 6pm CDT. It is by far our most popular section each week, if you haven't participated in the live blogs yet when the CSS Crew Assembles, you are missing out!
  • WWE Saturday Morning Slam (Section) - Where you can find everything regarding this great ‘weekend kid's show'. This area basically features Nolan's weekly recap posts each week, typically updated for you within 23 hours of airtime of each week's episode, usually by Sunday at 9am CDT.
  • WWE SmackDown (SubHub) - This area of the site is utilized for anything regarding Friday night SmackDown! As a SubHub it has its own unique customizable cover, layout and river page. Now it also includes the former section for C. J. Bradford's awesome "SmackDown Precaps" posted here for you every Friday morning by 11am CDT.
    • WWE SmackDown: Live Blogs (SubSection) - Nolan & Geno update this area for you each and every Friday both before and during the show at 6am & 6pm CDT.
  • WWE Superstars (Section) - That's right, last but not least, this one is for anything regarding ‘Superstars'. This area is currently full of archives with some new content interspersed throughout. We are continuing to work on showing it some love, so don't overlook it.

There you have it Cagesiders, let us know in the comments if you ever delve into the sections, if you like the improvements or have any feedback you would like to share.


UPDATE: Please be aware it is my understanding as of today (Oct. 24) there are still bug reports being addressed across the SBNation Network, including CSS. Notably, the archives and search areas found in the dropdown bar below the cover are still kinda wonky while they iron things out, as well as a variety of mobile and IE issues which appear to be a factor they are sorting out as well. By 'they', we mean site support, who can be reached directly by any member to report any feedback or issues you may continue to be having: or you can always contact the CSS Site Manager, Geno Mrosko at:

For a complete overview of all the site updates since the initial switch occurred, click here. Thanks again for the feedback and participation Cagesiders, WE LOVE YOU!

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