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Cageside Live Podcast

Cageside Live! The 'Our NXT' edition

The Streak continues! The one where Super-Friends Sean & Dea hook up their mics and talk about NXT TakeOver the day after the show, that it.

Cageside Live! The 'Judas' edition

If there was a TakeOver, that means Super-Friends Sean & Dea are talking about it live! Hopefully our relationship fares better than Johnny Gargano & Tommaso Ciampa's...

CSL! The 'Thank You, Dead Man' edition

Geno & I got at least a couple hours sleep and are invading your ear holes to talk Undertaker's last stand, and whatever else we can remember about seven hours of sports entertainment.

CSL! The 'Remember where you are, Nigel' edition

If there was a TakeOver, that means Super-Friends Sean & Dea are talking about it live! Hopefully we do better than Tye Dillinger usually does on NXT live specials...

CSL! The 'Whatever, Dead Man' edition

Geno & I are back to about the last Raw before WrestleMania - and more about the build to that show, and a crazy past couple weeks since our last episode. We promise to say "Ultimate Thrill Ride" less than WWE does, too.

CSL! The 'Excommunicado' edition

Two weeks worth of Raw to talk about - including F5s, chokeslams and long Triple H promos - plus Geno saw John Wick 2!

CSL! The 'Ice cream dreams' edition

The latest Raw-brand PPV, Fastlane, happened. Goldberg is champ. Braun Strowman and Charlotte have lost. Some people are mad. Others aren't. Let's discuss.

CSL! The 'Your stupid face' edition

Raw kept their streak of 'kind of phoned in go home' shows alive. Join us as we continue our streak of 'only kind of talking about Raw'!

CSL! The 'This is your world now' edition

Geno is very excited about Braun Strowman, Sean is upset about a bad Bayley segment... plus all the rest from an eventful Raw - and the week in wrestling.

CSL! The 'Original Ralph Guggenheim' edition

Spend some of your Valentine's Day with Geno & Sean, as we all try to break out of the glass case of emotion Raw put us in last night.

CSL! The 'Can't take the sky from me' edition

WWE SmackDown's Elimination Chamber ended up being a pretty good - and really eventful - show. Geno & I are here to give you our takes on it.

CSL! The 'Beatdown your heroes' edition

Geno & Sean are back to talk an eventful week in WWE - Seth Rollins' injury, a very beefy Raw and more! Join our festival of friendship, won't you?

CSL! The 'Suck it up, buttercup' edition

The Raw after the Rumble didn't waste any time moving things forward toward Fastlane and beyond... Joe is the Destroyer! Brock defends his legacy! ROMAN STROWMAN IS HAPPENING! Geno & Sean are back to pick it all apart with you.

Cageside Live! The '#HashtagThatSummabitch' edition

The Rumble happened, and Roman Reigns made everybody mad even though he lost two matches on the show! Geno and Sean will break down a wild six hours of WWE action.

CSL! The 'Not bad for tilapia' edition

I'm getting on the line with my NXT-loving sister-from-another-mister Dea to talk the latest TakeOver! New champs! Big changes! Seth Rollins! Entirely too little Dash & Dawson!

CSL! The 'Handsome LeBraun' edition

Provided neither of us bust ourselves open on the award winning pre-show, Geno & Sean are gonna be men and come down there and do this, boy! 'This' being talk about all things WWE, and especially the last Raw before Royal Rumble.

CSL! The 'You Suck' edition

With the Angle announcement and Brock's return Raw, looks like we're officially on the Road to WrestleMania. The General is out sick, but I brought old buddy Cain along to talk a busy last seven days in WWE and pro wrestling!

CSL! The 'Handle a candle' edition

Undertaker's in the Rumble and Chris Jericho is a grand slam champ! Somebody should have a podcast where they talk about this stuff! Okay, if no one else will do it, I guess we will.

CSL! The 'Throwing furniture' edition

Goldberg's back and Braun Strowman is the biggest star on Monday nights... somebody should have a podcast where they talk about this stuff! Okay, if no one else will do it, I guess we will.

CSnL! The 'From the home office in Omaha, Nebraska' edition

A special, not live edition with Kenny Herzog from Rolling Stone to discuss his 'Ten Best WWE Wrestlers of 2016' list - why he picked who he picked, his thoughts on guys & gals who missed his cut, and more!

CSL! The 'Two minutes and 15 seconds' edition

It is winter holiday time. Here is a show where two guys talk about wrestling.

CSL! The 'Sexy Piñata' edition

Braun Strowman made our dreams come true by kicking Seth Rollins' treacherous ass, so we're back for a second show in as many days. Happy holidays!

CSL! The 'Roadblock Two: A WWE Story' edition

It's a show not that many people bothered to watch, but those who did sure want to argue about it! Plus, Geno's back! Again!

CSL! The 'Jumping the Shark' edition

Been meaning to do a show with Kyle Decker, Cageside's guy on the Impact Wrestling & Lucha Underground beats (among other things), and a pre-Total Nonstop Deletion pod seemed the time to do it!

CSL! The 'Everyone in the old world had a show' edition

Our man D.E.O. wanted to chat? We're gonna hook up the headsets and let you listen. Join me and your favorite wrestling/MMA/K-Drama aficionado as we talk everything pro graps - and whatever topics we drift to. It's bonus Cageside Live!

CSL! The 'Breaking up is hard to do' edition

Geno's on vacation, so I asked/told Cain to join me to counsel me through the break-up of Jeri-KO, Sasha & Charlotte's refusal to go their separate ways, whatever that Enzo/Lana stuff was... and whatever else they feel like talking about.

Cageside Live! The 'Can't stuff that' edition

Geno & Sean are joined by Not Your Demographic's Erin Cline to talk about a show which featured the latest Women's main event and title change between Sasha Banks & Charlotte.

CSL! The 'Real 6 God' edition

What? Mauro and Enzo are the only ones who can make Drake references when WWE is in Toronto? Geno and I are back to talk the shocking ending to Survivor Series '16, and whatever else we feel like - we're about to hit you with the work, boy!

CSL! The 'Inevitable Revival Lovefest' edition

NXT delivered another strong live special with a match of the year candidate in the middle and a shocking finish, so I'm calling up my sister-from-another-mister Dea to talk about it!

Cageside Live! The 'Marky Smark' Edition

Talking to "The Marky Smark" herself about an interesting journey into the professional wrestling world.

CSL! The 'Fantasy podcasting just got real' edition

If you're tuning in for 40-something dudes ripping their shirts off, you'll likely be disappointed. We'll probably talk about the last Raw before Survivor Series at least a little bit, though. So there's that.

CSL! The 'Hey, Geno! Will you be our girl?' edition

Has The General found his smile? Did Sean kill that kitten? Do either of these guys even like wrestling? Find out the answers to probably none of those questions when Cageside Live returns from hiatus and maybe talks about WWE Raw from Glasgow!

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