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Bitter Boys Club

The importance of promoting where you wrestle

Being a wrestler is about more than the wrestling, it’s about selling tickets. On the newest Bitter Boys Club, Ethan Page explains that, talks his new Impact contract and does a lot of nerding out with the host.

Ethan Page explains the way television changes your wrestling style

Wrestling on a TV show can result in a need to massively overhaul your method of approaching a match. Page and I discuss on a new Bitter Boys Club podcast.

Why would a successful wrestler consider hanging up his boots in his prime?

Ethan Page reveals his answer on the latest Bitter Boys Club.

What is it like participating in a promotion’s iconic match?

Ethan Page dishes the dirt on taking part in Impact Wrestling’s Ultimate X match.

Getting ready to wrestle in Ultimate X and what AEW means for wrestlers

Ethan Page discusses All Elite Wrestling and wrestling for the X Division Championship at Impact Wrestling: Homecoming.

When did Ethan Page find out the truth about Santa?

That, and a wild story of Page losing his cool in the ring at a recent appearance, in this holiday edition of Bitter Boys Club!

Backstage details on David Arquette vs. Nick Gage

David Arquette’s infamous GCW match with Nick Gage was a whole lot more interesting from the perspective of wrestlers in the locker room. ‘Cup of coffee in the big time’ & Bitter Boys Club has the scoop from Ethan Page.

Black Label Pro is ‘picking up steam’ with unique approach

Mikey Blanton of Black Label Pro tells Cageside Seats about the struggle to grow a young wrestling promotion.

Living the dream of wrestling in Japan can be far from glamorous

It’s your ‘Bitter Boys Club’ - ‘Cup of coffee in the big time’ double dip... get your links and tales of the indie life with Ethan Page in the same spot!

Bitter Boys Club, ep. 42 - Josh Alexander on his bloodbath with Sami Callihan & more!

All Ego is ALL IN, so this week Brent Brookhouse talked to his Monster Mafia tag partner! Hear what Alexander has to say about becoming a death match guy, visa issues, the PWI 500 and more!

Bitter Boys Club, ep. 41 - Fighting burnout from too much wrestling

Ethan Page may be ‘All Ego’ but he’s not ‘All Energy’. We talk fighting the fatigue, Joey Janela’s Lost in New York, some Alpha-1 insight and a whole lot more on this week’s episode.

Bitter Boys Club, Ep. 40 - Getting ready for Joey Janela’s Lost In New York

Ethan Page is packing his bags and hitting the road for Joey Janela’s Lost in New York. He and Brent Brookhouse talk that show, Page’s match at PROGRESS the previous weekend and more!

Bitter Boys Club, Ep. 38 - Ethan learned some #SteinerMath

Brent Brookhouse and "All Ego" Ethan Page are back for a week about wrestling Scott Steiner, getting booked to face British Strong Style in PROGRESS and a whole lot more. Also, Steiner dropped some Steiner Math on Page.

Bitter Boys Club, Ep. 36 - LOLing at David Arquette

Ethan Page and I spend a lot of this episode talking about David Arquette’s "return to the ring." We also discuss the recent Black Label Pro show, dirty promoter stories and a lot more.

Bitter Boys Club, Ep. 35 - What wrestlers were crushed in the #TwitterPurge?

Ethan Page and I are back with another edition of Bitter Boys Club and we’re hitting the #TwitterPurge hard, looking at the stats of wrestlers to see who probably (maybe?) bought followers and playing a game of "bought or not."

Bitter Boys Club, Ep. 32 - TakeOver thoughts & booking a gimmick battle royal

Ethan Page and Brent Brookhouse are back and we’re talking all the wrestling, from NXT TakeOver: Chicago II to the passing of Vader to a wild segment booking indie wrestlers in a gimmick battle royal. This episode has it all, maybe literally.

Bitter Boys Club, Ep. 31: Punk’s UFC loss & wrestling codes of conduct

Ethan Page and Brent Brookhouse are back talking about CM Punk’s... unimpressive second UFC fight, the controversy over Dynamite Cup releasing a fan and wrestler ‘code of conduct’ and a whole lot more on another loaded episode of The Bitter Boys Club.

Bitter Boys Club, ep. 30: Getting fooled by fake CM Punk news

Brent Brookhouse and Ethan Page talk about CM Punk and Colt Cabana’s trial and Punk’s upcoming UFC bout, the Spider-Man trailer, Sharmell (Page is VERY proud of this) and ... gave Disney World advice? Don’t worry, they also talked about wrestling.

Bitter Boys Club, ep. 29: I hate when wrestlers call me ‘Brother’

Ethan Page and I return to talk about everything from Roseanne’s show getting cancelled to if it’s OK to say wrestling is ‘fake’ to why Page hates when ANYONE calls him ‘brother.’ It’s good, it’s’s the Bitter Boys Club.

Bitter Boys Club, ep. 28: Charity wrestling, Deadpool 2 and fridging

"All Ego" Ethan Page and Brent Brookhouse are talking wrestling, as always, and the concept of fan ownership of wrestling booking, we also go in on a bit of Deadpool 2 and the concept of fridging ... kind of.

A discussion of what the All In sellout means for pro wrestling

Ethan Page and Brent Brookhouse’s latest episode of Bitter Boys Club was recorded moments after the sellout, and as you can imagine, it dominated the conversation.

Bitter Boys Club, ep. 26 - Casting The Avengers with wrestlers

Someone made the mistake of asking Ethan Page and Brent Brookhouse to cast The Avengers movie using only wrestlers. Things get weird, but also great. Plus, being Page in the UK and Brent in the maternity ward!

Bitter Boys Club, ep. 25: INFINITY WAR!!!

Making up for lost time, Ethan Page and Brent Brookhouse recorded two episodes this weekend. One of those is still in the lab, but the one full of spoiler-y nerding out over the latest Marvel Cinematic five star classic is ready for your immediate enjoyment.

Bitter Boys Club, ep. 24: Handling a homophobic fan

Ethan Page and Brent Brookhouse are back and talking a whole lot of wrestling, including Page’s run-in with a fan who yelled homophobic slurs during the past weekend’s AIW show. We’re also getting WAY TOO HYPE for Infinity War.

Bitter Boys Club, ep 23: Putting together the Spring Break Clusterf**k

The post-WrestleMania edition covers Ethan Page’s experience agenting Joey Janela’s Royal Rumble-esque extravaganza, and so much more.

Bitter Boys Club, ep. 22: The perils of WrestleMania Weekend

Ethan Page gives us the downside of wrestling during the biggest time of year. All Ego and Brent Brookhouse also cover the great Twitter merch table controversy of ‘18 and much more!

Bitter Boys Club, Ep. 17: Guest Host - CZW Champ Rickey Shane Page

Ethan Page is traveling to two different continents in the coming days, so he got a break. Don’t worry, we landed a tremendous fill-in host in CZW World Heavyweight Champion Rickey Shane Page!

Bitter Boys Club, Ep. 16: Bitter DADS Club

"All Ego" Ethan Page and Brent Brookhouse are back - and Ethan is now a dad! They talk about life with a new baby, the controversy, and as always, answer a LOT of listener questions.

Bitter Boys Club, Ep. 15: Let’s Yell About Flat Earthers

"All Ego" Ethan Page and Brent Brookhouse are back to answer a lot of questions, and yell about people who think the Earth is flat. In 2018.

Bitter Boys Club, Ep. 14: How do you book Ronda Rousey?

"The Hottest Free Agent In Wrestling" Ethan Page and Brent Brookhouse are back to cover the hottest topic in wrestling... and other nonsense.

Bitter Boys Club, Ep. 13: Of Wrestling, Joey Ryan & Awful Homophobes

"The Hottest Free Agent In Wrestling" Ethan Page and Brent Brookhouse are back to talk wrestling as usual, but also dive into the recent "controversial" Alpha-1 show.

Bitter Boys Club, Ep. 11: Killing Avengers

"The Hottest Free Agent In Wrestling" Ethan Page and Brent Brookhouse are back for some deep talk about our feelings about promoters, what Avengers should die in the MCU, the best wrestling PPVs and a whole lot more.

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