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A pro wrestling fan raised on Bruno Sammartino and Dusty Rhodes who decided to start blogging about it when CM Punk dropped a pipebomb on WWE.

Baron Corbin loves Bron Breakker’s new name for their tandem finisher

He still won’t say their team name, though. That, and all the highlights from the Feb. 20 NXT — right here.

NWA announces ‘newly minted all-encompassing partnership’ with The CW

The press release about their streaming deal seems to be a summary of programs already running on the network’s app, and various smaller reports.

John Cena and Randy Orton comment on Vince McMahon allegations

Two of the biggest stars of the 21st century were recently asked about the sexual abuse accusations that have been made against their former boss. Cena also covered the future of his relationship with McMahon, while Orton tackled WWE’s future under Triple H & Nick Khan.

NXT’s latest mysterious tease for... you know what? We give up

We’ve followed along as folks guess everyone from Kazuchika Okada to Uncle Howdy was coming to WWE’s third brand. After the latest video on the Feb. 20 episode, we’re just gonna wait for the reveal.

Jim Ross has a broken hip, and excitement for his AEW future

The WWE Hall of Famer’s latest update gives us some new information about his ongoing health struggles, and a positive sign for his future at Tony Khan’s company.

SmackDown’s ratings didn’t rise with The Rock, but did remain really good

They’ve been high since his WrestleMania angle started, and on Feb. 16 that gave WWE the top rated show on television.

Shotzi‘s devastated & angry yet motivated as she confirms injury diagnosis

As reported, she tore her ACL at last Tuesday’s WWE NXT taping. Now she’s letting us know where her head is at as she faces nine months of rehab post-surgery.

Pat McAfee (and his telestrator) were in peak form on Raw

It may have taken Pat Mac a few weeks to settle back into his WWE color commentating groove, but he was on fire throughout the Feb. 19 show — with assists from Michael Cole, a few wrestlers, and John Madden’s favorite tech.

WWE wouldn’t allow Kevin Nash to attend Sting’s last match

The Icon is calling it a career at AEW Revolution in a couple weeks, and WWE apparently doesn’t want his long-time WCW & TNA colleague there due to his ‘positioning’ at their company.

New accounts of male wrestlers, ‘ring boys’ being sexually abused at WWE in the 80s

Interviews with a former ring boy and a wrestler who were with the then-WWF during the era indicate that the toxic culture the Janel Grant & Ashley Massaro’s stories allege enabled their abuse has existed at the company for decades.