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Bleeding Black & Gold, Behind Enemy Lines Cageside Seats Producer

AEW’s tribute to Jay Briscoe starts with a celebration of Jamin Pugh

The video that aired on the Jan. 25 Dynamite spent as much time on the family man behind the character as it did on the Ring of Honor Hall of Fame wrestler.

Report: New WWE investor suit focuses on McMahon’s alleged sexual harassment

The previous two lawsuits filed by shareholders dealt with how Vince returned to the Board of Directors. The latest targets why he briefly retired in the first place.

WBD loves AEW, even if Power Slap proves they don’t get wrestling fans

Their TV partner praised Dynamite and Rampage for their killer ratings, but seemed surprised AEW viewers didn’t stick around for Dana White’s concussion fest.

NXT ratings dip for the third week in a row

The audience was up slightly on Jan. 24, but any hopes WWE and USA may have had that Raw XXX’s massive numbers or Royal Rumble hype would carry over to the Tuesday night developmental show were dashed.

Nikkita Lyons reveals she’s out with a legitimate injury

The angle WWE NXT ran last night was to cover for her latest knee injury — a torn ACL and meniscus.

Ric Flair says he apologized to Becky Lynch: ‘I am not The Man anymore’

Peace in our time... or at least backstage at Raw XXX, where the Nature Boy says he spoke to Becky and Seth Rollins in an effort to smooth things over after years of bad blood related to that nickname.

Tony Khan ‘fought hard’ to book Mark Briscoe, honor Jay Briscoe on Dynamite

The AEW & ROH owner also talked about not being able to build FTR/Briscoes on TV last year, and revealed details of the tribute show they filmed last week for streaming.

Nikki Bella predicts narratives blaming women after Raw XXX criticism

The Hall of Famer also says she and her sister wanted to appear on the anniversary show, but WWE had nothing for them.

We’re sad to report yet another NXT parking lot attack

That, and all the highlights from the Jan. 24 episode.

Dr. Britt Baker pulled from Dynamite match due to injury

Toni Storm and Ruby Soho will now have a singles match on Jan. 25 in Kentucky.