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Do not sleep on the legend of CM Punk

The Grand Slam edition of Dynamite was light on promos, which just made the latest classic from Punk stand out. That, and all the highlights from the Sept. 22 show in New York City, here.

Tony Khan brought in a ringer for his rap battle with Max Caster

TK popped the crowd, and scared The Acclaimed, when he brought out chart-topping rapper Lil Uzi Vert in between ‘Grand Slam’ tapings in Queens on Sept. 22.

Kenny Omega quotes Apollo Creed in reacting to Bryan Danielson draw

Something tells me Bryan won’t quote Rocky Balboa in his response after AEW Dynamite Grand Slam, though.

TNT title match set for Sept. 29 Dynamite

Miro will defend against Sammy Guevara in an intriguing clash of styles set up on last Friday’s AEW Rampage.

Dr. Baker’s assistants ensure she remains champ

Ruby Soho put up a hell of a fight at AEW Grand Slam in New York City, but Rebel & Jaime Hayter ensured the reign of D.M.D. will continue.

62 year old Sting delivers again

The Icon and Darby Allin impress again as they pick up a win at AEW Grand Slam over FTR.

New York approves as Black again beats Rhodes

The AEW Grand Slam fans weren’t Rhodes To The Top fans, and they cheered as Malakai broke out a new trick to beat Cody.

Danielson vs. Omega ends in a draw, but it didn’t disappoint

AEW opened Grand Slam with their dream match. It was great, but left us wanting more. Which is good, because we’re gonna get it... someday.

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It's the Final Countdown

Tony Khan has data to back up calling AEW ‘the market leader’

The AEW CEO has a promoter’s flair in interviews, but the stats he provided about their audience makes it seem like this boast could be true at some point.