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Bleeding Black & Gold, Behind Enemy Lines Cageside Seats Producer

WWE remained fixated on Sasha & Naomi during Raw

Meanwhile, The Boss appeared unfazed as she was frequently spotted at a celebrity-filled convention.

Kyle O’Reilly says he’s getting the ‘main roster experience’ in AEW

The three-time WWE NXT Tag champ also revealed he signed a five year contract with Tony Khan’s company.

Ezekiel (who is totally Elias) gets a match at Hell in a Cell

MVP’s also picked the stipulation for Omos vs. Lashley IV.

WWE announces their return to Saudi Arabia

Crown Jewel will be back in November, and it seems we now have a complete 2022 event schedule.

NXT’s Gacy/Breakker program is bad, and it should get worse

The program leading into In Your House’s main event is silly, and nothing’s going to change that now. So they should lean into it. Let’s talk about that as we get you ready for May 17’s show.

Friday was a good ratings night for wrestling

Even against the basketball & hockey playoffs coverage that continue to top the charts — and with Rampage still not in its regular time slot — both AEW & WWE’s numbers rose on May 20.

McAfee explains his reaction to announcement of Sasha & Naomi’s suspension

The SmackDown commentator says Friday night on SmackDown was the first he’d heard about the decision, and he was legitimately surprised. That will disappoint some fans, but Pat didn’t totally tow the company line. Let’s discuss.

Bad news for fans hoping for a Bron Breakker/Rick Steiner tag run

But don’t give up hope on Bron possibly teaming with Uncle Scott...

Stone Cold’s had beef with his next Broken Skull Sessions guest

By all accounts Jeff Jarrett and Steve Austin are fine now, but there’s some heat from the territories and the Attitude Era that should make their chat on the June 3 premiering episode interesting.

Snoop supports Sasha on Instagram

With The Boss in the midst of a battle with WWE, her Hall of Fame big cuz posted a picture of the two of them reaffirming their ‘Bloodline’.