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As the clock strikes ‘Zero Hour,’ MLW establishes itself as the promotion to watch in 2018

Major League Wrestling (MLW) continues to grow in Orlando, Florida, and based on the success of "Zero Hour," is the promotion to watch in 2018.

Tourney bracket revealed for MLW ‘Road to the World Championship’

Pic: Tournament bracket revealed ahead of MLW "Road to the World Championship" on Feb. 8 in Orlando, Florida.

Cobb gets ‘Filthy’ debut at MLW ‘One-Shot’

Olympian Jeff Cobb tangles with former UFC light heavyweight Tom Lawlor at the upcoming MLW: "One-Shot" pro wrestling event on Oct. 5 in Orlando, Florida.

Rhyno for president!

Tommy Dreamer sits down with Rhyno to talk something Dreamer hates the most - politics. The two get into talking about the current climate of politics, Donald Trump, and Rhyno's political ambitions.

Mickie James is the bomb

Video: Mickie James interview with Cageside Noise host and pro wrestling legend Tommy Dreamer, recalls WWE fan who threatened to bomb Stamford following her 2010 release.

Video: Rob Van Dam pimps his ride

Video: WWE and ECW legend Rob Van Dam (RVD) visits Magicman Customs to pimp his Dodge Challenger and talks gangsters while on location in Brooklyn.

Dreamer Admits To Eating Viscera's 'Sweet Meat'

Video: What happened that one time when former WWE and ECW hardcore legend Tommy Dreamer wrestled the late Viscera and went through a table? Bad things. Very bad things.

Tell me you didn't just watch that...

Video: Former ECW and WWE wrestler and longtime king of hardcore, Tommy Dreamer, is fresh off last month's wrestling convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and has a special behind the scenes look for Cageside Noise.

Dreamer's Remembrance Of Chyna, Balls Mahoney

Video: Former ECW and WWE star Tommy Dreamer reflects on the untimely passing of professional wrestling superstars Chyna, Balls Mahoney, and Blackjack Mulligan during the latest edition of Cageside Noise.

Bespectacled, Violent Goons

Video: Tommy Dreamer takes you through 20 years of the Dudley Boyz on Cageside Noise, including all the different variations, as the longtime ECW and WWE tag team celebrates its anniversary this month.