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AEW Dynamite results, live blog (Feb. 7, 2024): Sting’s Tag title shot & more


Here’s a place to check results and comment along with a new episode of AEW Dynamite, airing tonight (Feb. 7) at 8 pm ET on TBS.

This week’s episode comes our way from Phoenix’s Footprint Center, and will continue their build toward March’s Revolution PPV!

And it looks like a big show with lots of ramifications for that event. Sting & Darby Allin could carry the AEW Tag titles in Greensboro if they can beat reigning champs Ricky Starks & Big Bill tonight. Hangman Page & Swerve Strickland will continue their feud, this time with a PPV shot at World champ Samoa Joe on the line.

Tony Khan will make his latest “BIG ANNOUNCEMENT” and fans are seeing Moné in this one. Timeless Toni Storm will get ready for her Women’s World title defense by facing Red Velvet, and Chris Jericho’s battles with The Don Callis Family continue as he takes on Konosuke Takeshita. Plus, the Blackpool Combat Club faces the stars of CMLL in an eight-man tag, and more!

Come right back here at 8pm ET when the Dynamite live blog kicks off once the show starts on TBS. It will be below this line here.

Enjoy the show!


That boy grew up too fast, his bones were made of glass. He threw too many stones, leaving him in pieces everywhere. He left his pieces everywhere and now he fails alone, but me? I’m just here to liveblog this pro wrestling show for you, folks.

The show opens with commentary welcoming us to the show.

“Hangman” Adam Page vs. Shane “Swerve” Strickland (AEW World Championship #1 Contender’s Match)

Collar and elbow, feeling out in the lockup, Page with a slap and Strickland takes him down and they brawl on the mat, rolling clean out of the ring where Shane passes him over the barricade and into the crowd! Lining him up, crossbody over the barricade! Back inside, Swerve holding court, targeting kicks, beating Hangman down in the corner!

Up top, Page trips him up, mounted punches on the mat! Strickland rolls him over, looking for the Ode to Jim Breaks, wrenching the arm back but Adam leverages him off and back body drops him to the apron! Triangle lariat scouted but Hanger gets him on the rebound with the northern lariat!

Fallaway slam on the floor, back inside, Page passes him into the corner and lays chops in! Cover off a kick, Swerve gets hands on the ropes to force the break! To the apron, back body drop sends Strickland to the floor dirty and he comes up clutching his shoulder and weakly shaking life back into his hand!

Orihara moonsault, nobody home, Shane hits the rolling thunder reverse STO and both men are down on the floor! Strickland recovers, back inside, House Call... NO DEAL! Up top, back down, back and forth, Page hits the Liger Bomb... SO CLOSE! A little more back and forth, Shane with a Buckshot of his own, Swerve Stomp... HANGMAN PAGE FINDS THE WILL TO KICK OUT!

Big spot to the floor and we go to break!

Back from commercial, trading pump kicks, both men land one at the same time and they’re down and out! Trading punches, backbreaker, Page kicks out! Tree of Woe hanging to the outside, Swerve Stomp, Hangman collapses onto and through a table! Back inside, 450 splash, Page gets the knees up... STILL NO!

Prince Nana trying to pass his crown in, Strickland blocks Deadeye but Hanger gets him wtih a big lariat! Buckshot... SWERVE GETS HIS FOOT ON THE ROPES! Deadeye on the apron, Strickland goes limp as he falls to the floor and Page is happy to take the countout!

Hangman fends Nana off with a chair, Shane kicks it out of his hands, headed up top... SWERVE STOMP CONNECTS BUT HIS ANKLE GIVES OUT! Strickland hobbles up to his feet, JML Driver reversed, Page snaps Swerve’s ankle! To the apron, Shane hobbles up... DEADEYE OFF THE APRON AND THROUGH THE TABLE! SHANE STRICKLAND WILL NOT SAY DIE!

Back inside, up top, gritting his teeth, Page cuts him off, lining him up for it, Buckshot reversed... JML DRIVERRRRRR! Swerve into the cover... THE TIME LIMIT EXPIRES BEFORE REFEREE PAUL TURNER’S HAND HITS THE MAT THE THIRD TIME! IT’S OVER!

The match goes to a time-limit draw.

Post-match, Swerve gets on the mic and says he didn’t go through all this for it to end like this and he won’t let Hangman get away with this. He knows how this goes, and he demands five more minutes! Page laughs, convulsing, and says tonight Swerve had to beat him to become the number one contender and he didn’t do it.

He won’t be world champion, and now for him it is over!

Tony Schiavone gets on the mic as Hangman tries to leave and tells him to stop, because Tony Khan has made his ruling— a draw means two #1 contenders, and it’ll be a three-way at Revolution!

And so we go to break.

Back from commercia, Renee Paquette interviews Samoa Joe about the match made for Revolution.

He says he’s feeling joy and merriment, excitement and elation before saying we’re celebrating mediocrity and neither of these men deserve to be in the ring against him and management might want the title off him, but no matter what they do, he’s walking out of Revolution as AEW World Champion.

Red Velvet vs. Toni Storm

Deonna Purrazzo is on commentary for this one.

Velvet with a waistlock, Storm hip tosses her out of it, standing armbar, arm wringer, hip toss from Red, Toni with a standing wristlock, reversed. Side headlock takeover from Storm, shot off, shoulder block, leg lariat from Velvet, into the corner, kicks in the corner!

Lou Thesz Press from Storm, mounted punches, and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Velvet with a bulldog, standing moonsault... SO CLOSE! Victory roll pin from Red, only two, leg kick, Storm ducks a roundhouse and applies an ankle lock in the middle of the ring! Stepping on Red’s neck...

Toni Storm wins by submission with an ankle lock and a foot on Red’s neck.

Post-match, Storm keeps the hold on until Deonna confronts her in the ring! Face to face, Toni smells her neck and Luther breaks it up!

Renee Paquette interviews Orange Cassidy backstage with Trent Beretta and Rocky Romero.

Trent is surprised by the news that Orange is defending his title against Tomohiro Ishii, and Orange claims he’ll be fine. Chuck Taylor is in the arena getting a medical exam right now and they all agree to go check on him gettng checked on together before putting hands in together for no particular reason and we go to break.

Blackpool Combat Club (“American Dragon” Bryan Danielson, Claudio Castagnoli, & Jon Moxley) vs. Hechicero, Mascara Dorada, & Volador, Jr.

Danielson and Hechicero to start, leg pick from the sorceror, Dragon returns the favor, wrenching the ankle, Hechicero reverses, stepover toehold, leveraging into a kind of bow-and-arrow and they stalemate! Big shove from Hechicero, Danielson returns it, off the ropes, knocking Bryan down, La Casita for two, rolling through into a sleeper hold!

Leg cradle crucifix, rolling Dragon around and into a pin for two! Tags to Castagnoli and Dorada, Mascara face-to-chest with the Swiss Superman, big overhand chop and Claudio shrugs it off! More chops from Dorada, stomp the floor, off the ropes, back body drop, Castagnoli cuts him off and drops him with an STO!

Dorada with a tijeras, Claudio to the floor, Mascara wants Moxley but chooses to give way and it’s Volador on Mox! Throwing elbows at each other with abandon, headlock, shot off, back handspring, duck the lariat, tijeras sends Jon to the floor! Volador off the ropes, suicide dive sends Mox into the barricade but Blackpool lights on Volador and beats him down and the CMLL men meet them!

Referee Brandon Martinez breaks it up, back inside, front kick from Volador, back body drop sends him to the floor! Mox off the ropes, suicide dive of his own, this time the CMLL men jump Jon and Blackpool returns the favor as we go to break!

Back from commercial, Castagnoli with a giant swing on Volador! Tag to Moxley, crossface strikes in the ropes, the match breaks down, big tijeras from Dorada on Claudio! All three CMLL men in the ring, Hechicero and Volador with stereo suicide dives, Mascara steps up... SHOOTING STAR PRESS TO THE FLOOR!

450 splash from Dorada on Danielson, Blackpool break it up together! The match breaks down into “everybody do something cool” territory, Hechicero and Castagnoli trading strikes in the middle of the ring, la casadora blocked, drop toehold, into a sunset flip pin, only two!

Claudio picks him up, Hechicero reverses, cross leg double legscissor twist, Danielson breaks it up, the sorceror with a grounded Stretch Muffler but Moxley breaks it up with kicks! Volador and Dorada, step-up dropkick takes Bryan out but Jon drops them with double lariats!

Hechicero whip to the corner, rising knee, Claudio with an uppercut, sorcror ducks under, guillotine leg drop for two! Martinez sandwiched in the corner, Castagnoli with a low blow...

Blackpool Combat Club win by pinfall with a low blow and a folding press from Claudio Castagnoli on Hechicero.

Post-match, Esfinge, Star, Jr., and Mistico jump the rail and Blackpool is surrounded but Christopher Daniels, Matt Sydal, and 2.0 make the save!

We go backstage where Chuck Taylor is being attacked by the Undisputed Kingdom! Adam Cole tells him to get well soon and his boys toss Chuck aside to send us to break.

Back from commercial, Tony Khan has a big announcement.

He says he’s excited and we might have heard earlier from the TD Garden that AEW will be back in Boston on March 13, which will be a big night for the entire pro wrestling industry, and it’ll be a supercard entitled AEW Big Business. (Stylized as Bu$iness, so that sure sounds like monay, don’tcha think?) Tickets go on sale on Saturday, and it’ll be one of the most important nights in AEW and a night the entire industry will remember.

Chris Jericho vs. Konosuke Takeshita

Circling, collar and elbow, Jericho with a side headlock, shot off, shoulder block, shoulder block, both men fired up, stereo shoulder blocks, no budge! Off the ropes, Chris with a big boot and a lariat sends Takeshita to the floor! Don Callis slaps some sense into Konosuke, Jericho runs him over on the floor!

Konosuke hits a sheerdrop brainbuster on the floor and referee Bryce Remsburg has to check on Jericho! Takeshita draws him up and throws him back inside, big lariat into mounted punches! Chris fires up, lariats, pass to the apron, up top, diving double axhandle! Takeshita punching air, he ducks a lariat, Will Hobbs runs interference and Konosuke drops Jericho with a lariat!

Sammy Guevara arrives with a chair to play equalizer, Hobbs shrugs a chairshot off but Sammy drops him with an Ace Crusher! Big chairshot, Jericho puts on Takeshita’s oni mask and dives to the floor to send us to break!

Back from commercial, trading chops, Takeshita with a gouge to the eyes, sitout Gourdbuster, whiplashing Jericho into the ropes! Back and forth, fireman’s carry, Y2J reverses, Konosuke turns it into a wheelbarrow suplex! Codebreaker counters a lariat... NOPE! Takeshita gets the Blue Thunder Driver... SO CLOSE!

Up top, avalanche Blue Thunder Driver... CHRIS JERICHO BARELY MANAGES TO KICK OUT! Putting the knee pad down, blocked, Walls of Jericho applied! Don Callis throws a chair in the ring, referee Bryce Remsburg has no choice to but to turn his back to eliminate the chair, Don spikes Chris with a screwdriver, Konosuke with a Boston Crab... JERICHO IS ALIVE!

Takeshita repositions him...

Konosuke Takeshita wins by submission with a Boston Crab.

And so we go to break.

“Big” Bill Morrissey & “Absolute” Ricky Starks (c) vs. Darby Allin & Sting (AEW World Tag Team Championship Tornado Tag Match)

Pairing off, Allin and Bill fighting against the barricade, Sting and Starks over the barricade and into the crowd! Big Bill with overhand chops, Ricky joins him, the Icon lurking on the balcony... 64-YEAR-OLD STING WITH A PLANCHA OFF THE BALCONY ONLY A MONTH AWAY FROM RETIREMENT! HE POPS UP AND BEATS HIS CHEST!

Sting leading Big Bill through the crowd and we go to break!

Back from commercial, Allin with a dropkick on Starks, diving on Morrissey... COUNTERED INTO A BLACK HOLE SLAM! Back inside, Darby with a slap, Bill gets him up for a chokebomb and throttles him against the mat repeatedly! Overhead suplex, champions set up a table on the floor, Morrissey with a military press on Darby but Sting hits the ring and makes the save!

Big Bill with a goozle, right hands to the Icon, Sting sidesteps and crotches the big man on the ropes! Rick with an inverted DDT on the veteran, cover for two! Sidesteps, Stinger Splashes on Morrissey! Front kick sets up a Yoshi Tonic but Big Bill rolls to the floor! Darby off the top... COFFIN DROP TO THE FLOOR!

Sting hangs back to avoid a dropkick from Starks, Scorpion Deathlock applied! Morrissey carrying Darby on the apron, Allin gouges his eyes and they both go through the table! Rick gets the ropes but there’s no break so he has to keep crawling under the ropes until the Icon breaks through physics!

Sidestep, Sting eats the turnbuckle hard, Starks has him lined up but he has second thoughts and it’s enough for the Icon to power up and kick out of a spear! Block a spear, turn Starks around...

Darby Allin & Sting win by pinfall with a Scorpion Death Drop from Sting on Ricky Starks, becoming your new AEW World Tag Team Champions.

Post-match, Sting’s two sons jump the barricade to celebrate with their father.

Sting celebrates with the titles but here come the Young Bucks in matching white suits with white baseball bats! They take Sting out and then attack his sons and Darby, beating them down among the confettie! Nicholas punching away on Sting, Matthew on Darby, getting his bright red blood all over his stark white jacket!

Hammering away, ramming Sting with bat shots to the midsection... NICHOLAS PUNTS STING IN THE DOME!

The Bucks pick up the tag titles and dump them on the new champions, standing tall and covered in Darby’s blood.

That’s the show, folks.

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