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Mark Briscoe is gushing blood after Julia Hart stabs him in the head with a metal spike

The House of Black made it clear last week on AEW Collision that they plan to eradicate Mark Briscoe from pro wrestling.

To that end, Briscoe was booked in a singles match against Brody King on tonight’s (Feb. 10) episode of Collision. Brody picked up the win after a distraction assist from stablemate Julia Hart. But you can’t eradicate a man by just pinning his shoulders to the mat for three seconds. No, you need to cross the line by violently stabbing him in the head with a metal spike.

That’s exactly what Hart did to Briscoe after the match was over, and he was gushing blood in a disgusting scene afterwards.

AEW cuts the clip off there, but the bloodshed really got out of hand after that and created a very disturbing and uncomfortable visual.

What’s your reaction to the Mark Briscoe bloodbath on AEW Collision, Cagesiders?

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