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Young Bucks refuse to politic in role as EVPs

The Young Bucks won’t let power go to their heads. Despite Matthew and Nicholas getting blood on their radiant white suits in a skirmish with Sting and Darby Allin on Dynamite, that didn’t stop the EVPs from showing up for work on Rampage.

Matthew and Nicholas boosted morale by competing in the ring. They still wore the same red-stained white suits. That shows how hard the EVPs have been working behind the scenes. They didn’t even have time to change into their wrestling gear. Talk about the sacrifices they make to keep AEW running smoothly.

The Young Bucks tested their skills against Mondo Rox and Robbie Lit. The Jacksons handled business with ease. Nicholas purposely landed a low blow, even though, the victory was well in hand by that point. The Bucks finished with the newly named EVP Trigger to win.


The juicy part of this Young Bucks appearance was the post-match promo. Matthew and Nicholas declared their goal to regain the AEW World Tag Team Championship, but they won’t use their EVP power to politic into the title match. The Young Bucks vowed to work their way through the rankings to the top to earn their shot. The promo was rife with a condescending tone, such as acting oblivious to why Sting and Allin are on the injury report. It’s grade A schmaltz.

On a scale of one to ten, how much do you ‘hate’ the Young Bucks right now?

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