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AEW Collision results, live blog (Feb. 10, 2024): Orange Cassidy vs. Tomohiro Ishii


Here’s a place to check results and comment along with the new episode of AEW Collision, airing live tonight (Feb. 10) at 8 pm ET on TNT.

AEW is broadcasting this week’s show from the Dollar Loan Center in Henderson, Nevada. It will feature the company’s continuing build toward next month’s Revolution PPV.

That will include Orange Cassidy defending the International title against New Japan Pro-Wrestling’s Tomohiro Ishii, and the latest battle in the Blackpool Combat Club/CMLL war when Jon Moxley & Claudio Castagnoli take on Star. Jr. & Esfinge!

Plus, Adam Copeland speaks, Women’s title rivals Timless Toni Storm & Deonna Purrazzo will be in action when the champ takes on Queen Aminata while her PPV challenger wrestles Kiera Hogan, Mark Briscoe vs. Brody King, Brian Cage gets a handicap match to prove he’s better than HOOK... and more!

Come right back here at 8 pm ET when the Collision live blog kicks off once the show starts on TNT. It will be below this line here.

Enjoy the show!


Starting with, wouldn’t you know, a fight on a night that is allegedly alright for it.


Mat based work from Moxley and Star Jr. to start. Back and forth there, and into Claudio coming in to do his thing, getting a big pop with the Swing. Star getting some good shine, and Esfinge joins him for a big dive to the outside for a nice pop. Claudio battles back with an uppercut off a springboard. The CMLL guys get to high flying and throwing all their offense at both men. A tornado dive from Star Jr while Esfinge nearly pins Moxley in the ring off a splash. Mox with a rollup near fall to even things out. A big exchange of blows and they get Moxley staggered but Claudio rushes in to save him.

Esfinge slaps the hell out of both men, and they basically no sell him before Claudio hits a powerbomb and Moxley puts a bunch of elbows on Star Jr. Shortly after, he locks him up and that’s that.

BCC def. CMLL via submission

Moxley grabs a mic after the match. He says they should take that message back to CMLL in Mexico or anywhere else in the world they want — if they want to step up then they’ll get stepped on.

FTR’s music hits the speakers.

They get in the ring and have a staredown while fans chant “FTR!” Moxley pushes Dax Harwood’s face and it kicks off a pull apart brawl with a bunch of officials rushing down to break it up, and then wrestlers from the locker room joining in to do the same.

Daniel Garcia vs. Shane Taylor

Taylor worked his power game, with Garcia trying to avoid it and failing. Shane mocked him with the dance before going back to the beating. Garcia got a comeback there but Taylor tossed him out of the ring to put an end to it.

The people came alive for another Garcia comeback after a commercial break. He put the boots to Taylor, working over his knee. Taylor then punched Garcia, and then slapped his knee multiple times to bring it back to life. Then he got himself up using that same leg. Amazing.

Garcia managed to go back to the knee, and kept attacking it. He threw on a leglock and that was enough to get the tap.

Daniel Garcia def. Shane Taylor via submission

Commentary wonders if Christian Cage could be sweating a bit.

Eddie Kingston interviewed.

He says what The Young Bucks did on Dynamite was disgusting and how dare they stole his thunder. He also says Bryan Danielson did the same and he wants to challenge him to a match at Revolution. But he also wants to add the stipulation that if he wins, Bryan has to shake his hand and say he respects him, which he knows he’ll hate.

Brian Cage vs. The Outrunners

This was a squash and Cage won almost immediately.

Brian Cage def. The Outrunners

After, Cage attacked Chance the mascot and eventually HOOK showed up to get a fight going, and they battled to the backstage area.

Lexi interviewing The Kingdom and Ishii.

They’re mad at Ishii and make it known to him. Strong says all that matters is if he wins tonight then he’ll be breaking him at Revolution and winning the International title for himself. He’s been waiting eight long years for it.

Adam Copeland out to be interviewed in the ring by Tony Schiavone. Before he can even get the first question, the fans chant his name.

Schiavone says he wants to hear what’s on Copeland’s mind. He starts by telling Nigel McGuinness to shut his mouth cause he knows he’s spewing crap. Then he says he’s warning The Young Bucks for what they did to Sting & Darby Allin.

Meanwhile, he tries to sort out what title to challenge for. He really wants to challenge Eddie Kingston for one of his dozens of championships and it’s eventually going to happen, don’t worry. But there’s Christian Cage and the TNT championship that he won and had ripped out of his hands.

“I think you know where I’m leaning.”

And then Daniel Garcia’s music hits for the second time tonight. To not much reaction, mind you.

Copeland is confused about the interruption.

Garcia says it sounds like Copeland thinks he deserves a title shot due to a bunch of wins. He agrees that that’s how it should be. But he’s not the only one who has been picking up a lot of wins lately. In fact, Garcia has been picking up a lot himself. And he saw that title on Cage’s shoulder and thought maybe he deserves a shot at it.

But then again maybe Garcia will pull the classic Garcia thing and lose the big one, lose all his momentum, and get sent to the back of the line again. But even if he does, he’ll fight back to the front a million times if it means he gets to hold gold in AEW.

Copeland says the FTR boys speak highly of him, so he respects Garcia. But if he’s saying he wants a shot at the TNT title, something has got to give. So Copeland has a proposal — they have a match on Dynamite and the last man standing fights Christian.

Garcia quickly accepts, they shake on it, and business is done.

Except Copeland doesn’t let his hand go, saying he knows he had a match tonight and that’s the only reason he’s not taking his head off right now. But make no mistake, what Garcia is doing now is threatening to take food off his family’s table so he’s going to beat Garcia’s ass next week.

Renee interviewing Kris Statlander & Willow Nightingale, saying the addition of Stokely Hathaway has actually been working out well for them. He compares them to Full House and gets a pop for it.

He says he only knows two badasses in the AEW women’s division and it’s these two ladies. Statlander wonders why Skye and Julia keep coming back. “You’re so hung up on your past, baby we can be your future.”


Willow says they’ve done everything except for fight. Kris asks Stokely to make it official and he makes a joke that Tony Khan has him blocked, so he’ll need one of their phones.

Brody King vs. Mark Briscoe

Briscoe got some early offense, and then while going for punches in the corner on the second rope, King just picked him up, walked him, and threw him across the ring. That set off the onslaught from the big fella. He pounds away for a bit before Mark gets his comeback and goes flying through the ropes at him. He goes for furniture, getting a table from under the ring. The referee gets in his way, letting him know he can’t use all that in this match. The fans boo this, of course.

Silly ref.

Naturally, he tries a dive and King is recovered, catching him and starting up a new beating. It doesn’t last as long, with Briscoe getting a comeback faster. This time he actually gets the punches in the corner and stops King from sending him for another ride, straight up biting him and kicking him out of the ring. Up top and he hits the twisting moonsault to the outside.

He puts King back into the ring and tries to lift him up but King is too heavy. He comes back with the huge lariat for two. Briscoe manages to come back again and this time he hits the Driver. He goes up top but Hart distracts him and King uses that to push him off and through the table he was trying to get into the ring earlier in the match.

King sends him back in and hits the Gonzo Bomb.

Brody King def. Mark Briscoe

While the referee was checking on Briscoe, King pushed him off and held Mark up so Hart could blast him in the head with a spike. The heels celebrated by grabbing Briscoe’s face and holding him up to rub his blood all over King’s forearm.

“The House always wins,” King tells the camera.

The Bounty Hunter Bryan Keith is all about his payday and he says he’s looking for the big matches, all the stars, and more importantly he’s looking to climb the ranks and collect his bounty. Whether you’re good, bad, or ugly, if you’re standing across the ring from him “you better be ready to pay up, sucka.”


Deonna Purrazzo vs. Kiera Hogan

Timeless Toni’s challenger in control early on. Hogan with no response to any of Deonna’s offense. Kiera barely competitive until finally getting a boot up and a dropkick from the top to show some signs of life. That comeback nearly instantly snuffed out. Purrazzo with the running knee and Russian leg sweep before going over into the double armbar and that’s it.

Deonna Purrazzo def. Kiera Hogan

Before Purrazzo could even get to the back, Toni Storm was making her way out, working the hell out of the gimmick the whole way.

Toni Storm vs. Queen Aminata

A long exchange of holds and counters off the rip, with Storm largely getting the better of it. Aminata got an edge and rubbed her ass in Storm’s face. “How dare you!” was the response, and Toni came back with the Thesz press and a flurry of punches.

Aminata all over Storm coming out of the the commercial break, including the Air Raid Crash for a close two. Not long after, though, Storm avoided a hip attack and got one of her own. She followed it up with the short piledriver to end it.

Toni Storm def. Queen Aminata

Storm gets a microphone. She tells Schiavone that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas but they’re in Henderson so stop looking at her like that.

She lays down and talks about her fantastic display of technical brilliance. She announces that this week on Dynamite she will be releasing a brand new film. She tells Deonna to remember one thing — she can try all her fancy maneuvers all she wants but not being a wart on her butthole will haunt her for the rest of her life.


Well, there ya go.

Main event time.

Orange Cassidy vs. Tomohiro Ishii

This one is for the AEW International championship.

Cassidy works the gimmick early, putting his hands in his pockets and doing the whole bit. Ishii no sells it and knocks his ass down and out of the ring. Cassidy baits him to come out, then bails back into the ring just as he does.

Stalemate shoulder blocks. Ishii staggered, running counters, finally he’s knocked down. Ishii comes back quick, though, and chops have Cassidy stunned into a commercial break.

He’s in control coming back out of it, however, and hitting a big dive. Back in the ring, a wraparound DDT for two. They go back-and-forth from there, as commentary puts over how good this is for Roderick Strong, who benefits from these two beating each other down before he challenges the winner for the title.

Up top and Ishii holds Cassidy for a vertical suplex on the second rope for about seven seconds before finally dropping him down. That’s only enough for a two count.

Ishii keeps the pressure on, loading up chops. Cassidy made like they were giving him a boost and then he just fell out flat like a Flair flop. Beautiful. Another back-and-forth, Cassidy gets the Orange Punch, Beach Break right after but it only gets two. Ishii all over him just after.

Schiavone promises they’ll stay here as long as needed to find a winner as we get into some overrun. Ishii hits a sliding lariat for another two count. Back up and Cassidy hits another Orange Punch. He goes for another, blocked by Ishii, but Cassidy rolls him up and he’s got him!

Orange Cassidy def. Tomohiro Ishii

Hell of a match.

After, The Kingdom hit the ring to attack. Ishii, who had made it all the way up the ramp, ran back down to the ring to run off Kingdom. Trent Beretta joined him with a chair to keep Cassidy safe.

That’ll do.


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