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Sources close to the Young Bucks say they are fining people in AEW and the locker room likes it

The Young Bucks recently returned to AEW as corporate douchebags who are looking to clean up the locker room and get rid of any self-serving superficial cancerous wrestlers.

To that end, Matthew and Nicholas Jackson crashed Darby Allin’s interview last night on Dynamite and tried to convince the AEW original that 63-year-old Sting is leeching off of him and it’s time to move on. They also don’t like it when Darby ignores their text messages:

During the show, their lackey Brandon Cutler was at it again with more jokes on social media about what sources close to the Young Bucks are saying about the AEW locker room praising their actions:

We even got this bonus fake rumor about Darby Allin’s backstage heat:

I suppose this time Cutler doesn’t technically say the sources of these fake rumors are close to the Young Bucks, but come on, I think we all know it’s the same exact douchebag sources from last month.

What do you think sources close to the Young Bucks will say next, Cagesiders?

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