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Tony Khan is mad online that more people aren’t mad online about Jinder Mahal’s WWE title shot (UPDATED)

Denise Salcedo’s YouTube

Apparently, there was some outrage about AEW setting up a future HOOK/Samoa Joe World title match on Collision this weekend.

Personally, I saw a few jokes, but have seen much more #discourse about Adam Copeland’s match with Griff Garrison than HOOK calling out Joe. But AEW head honcho Tony Khan didn’t like what he saw about his World title build. So when WWE booked someone with less recent scripted success than the Cold-Hearted Handsome Devil for a World Heavyweight title match against Seth Rollins, well... after a quiet couple months, angry tweeter X poster TK made a comeback!

Khan is again amplifying his critics in a way they never would have been had he not responded, but he is in the vicinity of a decent point here. It’s lost in what seems at first glance like an attack on Jinder Mahal rather than on the people who booked him for those losses and the upcoming championship match, though.

A follow-up — directed at USA Network’s X account for making a joke about how Tony referenced Cagematch ratings as something he considers when measuring the success of his own booking during the pre-Worlds End media call last month, in response to someone pointing out Mahal & Rollins’ history — comes across even worse:

It’s had the effect of getting fans sharing their support of the Modern Day Maharaja. And this probably won’t be the last WWE person we see doing the same tonight...

Insert your favorite “eating popcorn” GIF* here, and we’ll see where this goes from here.

UPDATE: Jinder dusted off his Twitter login to respond, and Tony’s got Taz’s son catching strays...

* Ours will forever and always be Large Epsilon.

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