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Wardlow assures us his knee is ‘just fine’ after it buckles on AEW Dynamite

There were a couple* of injury scares on the Jan. 31 episode of AEW Dynamite, one of which came during Wardlow’s match with Komander.

The Undisputed Kingdom big man had the luchador up for one of his signature powerbombs near the end of the match, and you could see his right knee buckle. Wardlow finished the match and picked up the expected win, but didn’t put too much weight on that leg the rest of the way.

He posted the following on X shortly after Dynamite went off the air though, indicating that he’s okay and the “knee is just fine”:

Which is a relief, for several reasons — including that Wardlow’s new group is already working around its biggest star (Adam Cole) being out for the foreseeable future.

Good thing Wardlow’s not normal.

* Chris Jericho’s head hit the top rope on a brainbuster spot in his match with Kyle Fletcher. He seemed off for a bit afterwards, and commentary mentioned as much multiple times. But he finished the match and we’ve had no update since.

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