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AEW closes its first 2024 show by revisiting one of its best 2023 feuds

Swerve Strickland & Hangman Page had their sights set on new World champion Samoa Joe, but he wasn’t around so...

After announcing his intention to take the title from new AEW World champion Samoa Joe earlier on the Jan. 3 Dynamite, Swerve Strickland stepped into the ring to face Daniel Garcia in the main event.

Both men were looking to build off their work in the Continental Classic and wins at last Saturday’s Worlds End. It was a good showing for both, minus a botched Sharpshooter attempt on the announce table by Garcia. We did get a crowd-pleasing moment earlier pitting AEW’s two viral dances against one another. Garcia and Swerve’s manager Prince Nana actually got a “Holy Shit” chant from the Newark, New Jersey crowd for it before Strickland broke it up.

He had to pull out all the stops, but Swerve finally won it with a JML Driver. Then he once again re-established his heel bonafides by offering Garcia his hand to set him up for a low blow by Nana.

That brought Daddy Magic in for a beatdown, but Danny’s friend & mentor wouldn’t be The Mogul’s final fight of the night. That would be Hangman Page, who just before the main event showed up pissed off and announced his intention to get his hands on Joe, or Adam Cole, or anyone who gave him a reason.

Since he couldn’t find those guys, Hanger went after the man who hung him back at Full Gear.

Page & Strickland have great chemistry (we see it here again with little touches like Swerve yelling “I hate you” across the ring as security holds him back), and their 2023 feud was great for both men. But it seems a little quick to run it back, and to top their controversial Texas Deathmatch. Maybe a Triple Threat with their mutual target Joe?

It’s just the first show of the year, so we’ll wait to see where AEW is headed with this.

Feel free to weigh in now though, and get complete results and coverage of everything on tonight’s edition of Dynamite here.

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