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Adam Cole’s group has a new (old) name, a mission statement, and a lot of enemies

The fallout episode of Dynamite opened with a fire promo from new AEW World champion Samoa Joe, explaining that he used every tool at his disposal to take that title from Maxwell Jacob Friedman as payback for MJF doing the same thing to him at Grand Slam.

From there, we went right into an explanation from one of those “tools”. Adam Cole’s music hit, but it quickly morphed into a darker tune as he and his group (Roderick Strong, Roderick Strong, Matt Taven, Mike Bennett & Wardlow) walked on stage... under a graphic with their new name — a riff on Cole & Strong’s WWE NXT group and Taven & Bennett’s Ring of Honor team (a group Cole was once a part of) — The Undisputed Kingdom.

Roddy introduced his friend ADAAAM, who explained that what he did does not make him the Devil. What he did was free AEW from a narcissist who had hurt many people in the company. They’ll all thank him, even Tony Khan. Because Friedman is gone and he’ll never be back.

Cole also says he did to Max what he was going to do to him as soon he didn’t need him. The fans only learned to love MJF because of their Better Than You Bay Bay tea. Cole sacrificed everything for their friendship — that was how he broke his ankle after all.

Now that Friedman’s been dealt with, the group can reach their potential. Taven & Bennett are already ROH Tag champs. Strong will be going after the International title. And after Cole told Joe it was a pleasure doing business with him, the Devil said Wardlow would become World champ... then hand it over to Cole once he’s cleared (the big man didn’t seem sold on this plan).

With The Undisputed Kingdom’s mission statement clear, Cole went to wrap up with “The Devil is here to stay, BAY BAY”. But before they could bounce, Jay White was out to tip his cap to their machinations. But he did have an issue with getting jumped by Cole’s group, and brought The Gunns with him to get some retribution. When the Devil’s boys got the upperhand in that brawl, another group they’d taken out pre-reveal ran in to help. Bullet Club Gold wasn’t in the mood for an alliance with the AEW Trios champs, though.

It may not have been the shock reveal some were looking for, but Cole’s explanation holds up to story logic. It also sets up some interesting dynamics for the group going forward — within and with others. And we haven’t even another Devil victim, Hangman Page, yet.

Let us know what you think about what still feels like a “make or break”-type angle for AEW.

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