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Daddy Magic cuts deep in emotional promo about making a promise to Daniel Garcia’s mother

One of the more unheralded promo speakers in AEW is “Daddy Magic” Matt Menard. It’s not so much about lack of recognition for his ability to deliver passionate promos, but it’s more that he’s usually not in the position to take up screen time due his level in the wrestling pecking order. When Daddy Magic does receive the opportunity to speak his mind, he goes strong.

The latest example is Daddy Magic cutting deep in an emotional promo prior to Daniel Garcia teaming with FTR against the House of Black in a cage match on Collision. Daddy Magic revealed a promise he made to Garcia’s mother.

Daddy Magic recounted a conversation he had with his wife. She wanted to know why he feels the need to protect Garcia so much. Daddy Magic reflected with an answer involving their son. Wouldn’t she hope that someone would do everything they could to protect their boy in an industry of sharks? She agreed to that wish.

Daddy Magic transitioned to how he made a promise to Garcia’s mother. He put over how she did a great job as a single mother raising Danny. Daddy Magic vowed to have his back and act with his best interest to guide him the best that he could, so Garcia would never feel alone. Daddy Magic closed with a cliffhanger pondering how he’s going to be able to keep his promise for the cage match.

This promo adds so much emotional depth to the relationship between Daddy Magic and Garcia. On screen, that connection sometimes isn’t portrayed as effectively, such as when Daddy Magic protests the dancing. After this promo, it becomes so clear why Garcia is always hesitant to leave Daddy Magic when people like Bryan Danielson and MJF offer their guidance.

How do you rate this promo from Daddy Magic?

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