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Kris Statlander and Jay Lethal address their respective group dramas with funny results

AEW filled Rampage with content for a jam-packed hour. So much so that two weekly stories were sidelined from television this week. Fear not. AEW posted the promos on social media to advance the angles involving the respective group dramas of Kris Statlander and Jay Lethal. The videos are good for several laughs.

First is an update on Stokely Hathaway’s quest to recruit Statlander. Words won’t do justice to describe Stokely’s various reactions, especially the bowel disorder bracelet. There are so many funny moments packed into such a short time. Basically, Statlander agreed to consider Stokely’s services as long as he acts nicer to Willow. Stokely stormed off, but his bluff was called. Willow made a friendship bracelet for him, which promptly broke when he tried to put it on. The ladies exited with Renee Paquette singing Sister Sledge’s, “We Are Family.”

The second update is for the brewing turmoil between Lethal and Jeff Jarrett over the Continental Classic losing streak. The group meeting also included Sonjay Dutt, Karen Jarrett, and Satnam Singh. An argument started about who should apologize first. Satnam stepped in apologizing to Lethal... that Lethal lost every match. The reactions are so amusing from Karen awing with emotion to Jeff snickering with laughter. Lethal put Jeff in his place by pointing out the Last Outlaw wasn’t invited into the tournament field for the best wrestlers in the world. Lethal demanded to take control of the next team meeting, which will be in the ring. For all the bickering, I like how this promo refocuses on the end about sport. Jeff’s support shows that deep down he believes in Lethal’s ability to bounce back.

What was your favorite moment from these promos?

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